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We can specify a client property. The property allows us to direct all the calls back to the client we define.
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Figure 5 11. Updating the application published to the Marketplace 1. 2. Click on the View Details link as show in Figure 5 11. You will find this link next to the application that you want to redeploy. On next screen you will see Action dropdown and from the dropdown select Submit application update as show in Figure 5 12. Notice that Action dropdown contains other options like being able to change the price, removing the application from the Marketplace, and add completely different version of the same application in which case the consumers must buy the product again and where as with the update the consumers will get free update.
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You are probably already familiar with the concept of a firewall from your own personal computer or company network. A firewall is a piece of software, typically integrated with the operating system, which applies a set of rules to all incoming and outgoing connections. Figure 9-3 illustrates some typical behavior from an active BlackBerry firewall.
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UINavigationController *navigationController; }
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An ASP.NET Web application is an example of a thin client. A thin client application renders the view to the client, and almost all the processing takes place on the server(s). In the context of a client-server architecture, the presentation is rendered to the client (for example, Hypertext Markup Language [HTML] to a browser), and both the business layer and the data layer are distributed across one or more servers. Thin clients are always rendered in the browser and are easy to develop, update, and maintain. They do, however, have several disadvantages: subpar user experiences, compelling security restrictions, and a network connection requirement (in other words, no offline capability). This type of application, however, has been a popular choice in the past decade because it is easy to deploy and can reach users at a global level. Although the disadvantages seem to outweigh the advantages here, quite a bit of improvements have been made to thin client technologies over the past
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friendly computer systems available. Many security features are disabled by default. This gives the user an easy-to-use machine while providing the ability for the user to implement more advanced security measures at their discretion, but it can also leave the machine open to exploits through these security holes. Many of the features of Mac OS X are already fairly secure without changing anything, with little or no trade-off to functionality. In fact, certain features should not be changed unless changing them is absolutely required; for example, you should not enable the root account unless you need to run a process that requires it, as is the case with programs such as Carbon Copy Cloner. Root is a very powerful feature, and enabling it is a huge security risk if other security measures are not implemented to offset the activation, such as disabling root after using it. Many security breaches occur because users forget to put security settings back the way they were. Now that we ve got that out of the way, let s start discussing some of the places that we can improve the Mac s security right away.
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"WindowsBase" "PresentationCore" "PresentationFramework" "System.Xaml"
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When you ve applied your settings, select the Search tab if you wish to enable Spotlight support, then choose the Filename Policy tab if you want to customize file names that ExtremeZ-IP will allow for files and directories on the server. Now click on the Service Discovery tab. You ll be looking at the screen shown in Figure 4-27. Here, you can adjust the settings for Bonjour, AppleTalk (likely not needed unless you have Mac OS 9 clients) and Zidget/HTTP support, which configures the client to access the wide-area Bonjour implementation on ExtremeZ-IP. reading code128 tag
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Creating a database for phpBB is a fairly trivial matter. I recommend that you use a totally separate database for your phpBB installation, if at all possible. The database will be accessed
Figure 6 6. Displaying all events and all data columns
just ROLLBACK and COMMIT here.
To better understand server controls, you will develop an ASP.NET website with one web form. The web form represents a typical Contact Us page. The page will be used by end users to contact you with any questions, feedback, or comments about your website. Creating a Website To create a new website by using Visual Studio, you need to choose the File New Web Site option. This option opens the New Web Site dialog box shown in Figure 11-4.
Tip Right-clicking a blank spot on the desktop and selecting Create Launcher lets you create shortcuts to
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