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Extending the Built-In Activities
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HTML-Formatted Mail <bean id="velocityEmailDao" class="com.apress.timesheets.mail.VelocityMailDaoImpl" parent="abstractEmailDao"> <property name="velocityEngine" ref="velocityEngine"/> <property name="velocityMacroPath" value="velocity/timesheet/update.vm"/> </bean> The notable differences are the requirements for a velocityEngine bean (used to invoke the appropriate Velocity formatting) and the path to the Velocity macro file of Listing 8-9. Listing 8-12 shows the configuration details required for the Velocity engine bean required by Listing 8-11.
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setAverageCenter(collection); } }
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throw new UnavailableException("The database is not currently available",5);
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Why does Oracle choose such an odd time unit for the cost, rather than simply the number of centiseconds I think it s purely for backward compatibility. The cost under 8i (and 9i before you enabled full CPU costing) was just the count of the number of I/O requests, with no distinction made between single-block and multiblock I/Os. So, for backward compatibility, if the new code reports the time in units of the single-block read time, the number produced for the cost for a typical (lightweight, index-based) OLTP query will not change much as you upgrade from 8i to 9i. A little extra thought about this formula will also tell you that when you enable CPU costing, the cost of a tablescan will tend to go up by a factor that is roughly (mreadtim / sreadtim). So 9i with CPU costing will tend to favor indexed access paths a little more than 8i did because 9i
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In the previous discussion, we talked about the three layers of an application. To reiterate, an application has a presentation layer, a business logic layer, and a data access layer (refer to Figure 1-15). Generally, these layers are separate and run on different machines. For example, you usually see the presentation on a Web server and the business logic and data access layers on an application server. But you sometimes have applications where all three layers are bundled together. When this is the case, you have a one-tier architecture. Similarly, when the presentation is separate from the business logic and data access layers, you have a two-tier architecture. When each of the layers lies on different machines, you have a three-tier architecture (see Figure 1-16).
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An actual Web Part is only one piece of the overall picture. It is, however, the central element. The Web Part Framework consists of several components, including the WebPartManager, WebPartZone, CatalogPart, CatalogZone, ConnectionsZone, EditorPart, and EditorZone. Each of these components has an individual role to play during the process of personalizing your web application with Web Parts.
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