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Figure 10-4. Wallpapers can be zoomed or scaled to fill the screen using the Style drop-down list (this figure includes wallpapers from the gnome-backgrounds package).
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" * " _ "from " _ " products " _ "where " _ " unitprice < 10 "
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When you have phpMyAdmin open, select the database you created for phpBB (when you installed phpBB, as described in 8) by clicking the name of the database in the left pane. This will load a listing of this database s tables in the main area of the window. Newer versions of phpMyAdmin (which most hosts run) have a SQL tab just above the area where the tables of the database are listed. Click that tab, and you ll be presented with a SQL query box, which should resemble Figure 10-1.
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The Select() method returns all the nodes that are obtained after evaluating the XPath expression. There is a method called SelectSingleNode() that executes the supplied XPath expression and returns an XPathNavigator object (and not an XPathNodeIterator) that contains the first matching node for the specified expression. You can then use the XPathNavigator object to navigate through the nodes. SelectSingleNode() comes in handy when you know that your XPath expression is going to return just one node. For example, in our document we can use SelectSingleNode() to extract an employee matching a specific employee ID. To illustrate the use of SelectSingleNode(), you need to develop an application like the one shown in Figure 4-4.
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4. The Install Multimedia Codecs dialog box will eventually appear, offering a choice
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When data is being inserted and modified, there will be times when an index bloats to a less than ideal state. Just as an Access database may need to be compacted, indexes within SQL Server also need to be compacted sometimes. Compacting the index will speed up performance and reclaim disk space by removing fragmentation of the index. To compact an index, you recreate the index without actually modifying the columns or, in fact, starting from scratch and having to rebuild the whole index and visiting every row within the table. The DROP_EXISTING clause provides enhanced performance when rebuilding a clustered index compared to a DROP INDEX command followed by a CREATE INDEX command. Nonclustered indexes are rebuilt every time the clustered index for a table is rebuilt. So, if you drop a clustered index and then re-create it, the existing nonclustered indexes are rebuilt twice: once from the drop and once from the creation. DROP_EXISTING also allows an existing index to be rebuilt without explicitly dropping and re-creating the index. This is particularly useful for rebuilding primary key indexes. As other tables may reference a primary key, it may be necessary to drop all foreign keys in these other tables prior to dropping the primary key. By specifying the DROP_EXISTING clause, SQL Server will rebuild the index without affecting the primary key constraint.
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This program is basically the same as the other examples, so we ll focus on its use of a data view. You create a new data view and initialize it by passing four parameters to its constructor: ' create data view Dim dv As New DataView(dt, "country = 'Germany'", "country", _ DataViewRowState.CurrentRows) The first parameter is a data table, the second is a filter for the contents of the data table, the third is the sort column, and the fourth specifies the types of rows to include in the data view. System.Data.DataViewRowState is an enumeration of states that rows can have in a data view s underlying data table. Table 13-1 summarizes the states. Table 13-1. Data View Row States DataViewRowState Members
Figure 11-8. Adding the LINQ to SQL classes The Object Relational Designer (O/R Designer) will display. In the Server Explorer, expand the localhost.11.dbo data connection and then expand the Tables node. This will list the existing tables in the 11 database. In addition to the Lead table, there are several tables used by the standard SQLWorkflowInstanceStore, which will be explained later in this chapter. You can expand the Lead table to see the columns included (see Figure 11-9).
Customize Toolbar option. Select the icon you want to remove, click the Modify button, and choose to delete it.
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