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Figure 13-2. Unhandled exception message
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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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It s also a handy way of attempting to end crashed programs. Some complicated programs don t take too kindly to being quit in this way, particularly those that need to save data before they terminate. However, most should be okay. Ctrl+D is another handy keyboard shortcut. This sends the program an end-of-file (EOF) message. In effect, this tells the program that you ve finished your input. This can have a variety of effects, depending on the program you re running. For example, pressing Ctrl+D on its own at the shell prompt when no program is running will cause you to log out (if you re using a GUI terminal emulator like GNOME Terminal, the program will quit). This happens because pressing Ctrl+D informs the BASH shell program that you ve finished your input. BASH then interprets this as the cue that it should log you out. After all, what else can it do if told there will be no more input While it might not seem very useful for day-to-day work, Ctrl+D is vital for programs that expect you to enter data at the command line. You might run into these as you explore BASH. If ever you read in a man page that a program requires an EOF message during input, you ll know what to press.
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Creating a Database in SQL Server Management Studio
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Table 2-3. Continued
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SQLServerCentral is one of the top SQL forums available for you to participate in. StackOverflow and ServerFault are also quite good at finding and getting answers. Of course, you can just go right to the source and participate in the MSDN forums as well. Think of forums as a chat room and be mindful of the people you are having a conversation with. Other forums, most notably the social networking site Twitter, allow for you to interact with others in near real time. If you are connected to other database professionals then there is a good chance you are going to get an answer from your network on Twitter faster than any other type of forum.
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Interface Constraints
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Figure 3-12. Column name and properties view
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After you start the app and view the message, press the red end key on your BlackBerry to background the app. Open the address book and delete a contact. When you switch back to the app, you ll see the updated farewell message.
The @ManyToMany Annotation
Figure 4-11. The GridView and SqlDataSource controls 12. Build and run the web project. When the web page is displayed, the GridView will render with the results of the SELECT statement previously con gured, showing the ProductName and UnitPrice columns as speci ed. Also notice that the column headers are rendered as links, and at the base of the GridView there are numbered links. These are for sorting the data in ascending and descending order as well as paging through the result set. See Figure 4-12 for the end result.
ruby script/generate controller books
Instead of 8000, you can enter whatever port you plan to use. You need to run this command for each port that you want to grant access to. Replace Domain\UserName with the actual login that you use. Wherever possible, in the sample projects I will use only 8000 and 8730 to minimize the number of ports you ll need access to. Although this might be a little more trouble to set up, you have to do it only once and it will save you time in the long run.
9. Once we have run this code, we will see the Results tab showing the DateEntered being altered but the ClearedBalance not, as Figure 13-6 illustrates. However, at this point we don t know if this is because we have removed and then readded the amount, giving a null effect.
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