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Launchd manages processes. However, there are other tools that traditional Unix or Mac engineers may look to for managing processes. These are all, in fact, going to be started by launchd. For example, SystemStarter is a tool that can automatically start items stored in /Library/StartupItems and /System/Library/StartupItems. As Mac OS X continues to transition much of the previous functionality of other facilities, such as the cron daemon, into launchd, development has also reduced the reliance on StartupItems (also known as SystemStarter, an older technology that has arguably been around since before Mac OS X 10.0). Even though many third-party applications still use StartupItems, Apple development prefers the launchd facility, and will continue to rely more heavily on it in 10.7 and beyond. One of the easiest ways to set up a startup item is dropping items (or shortcuts to items) into those traditional folders that Apple computers have been using for some time (such as /Library/StartupItems or /System/Library/StartupItems). But in addition, you can also create startup items for each user in the User s Accounts System Preference pane. To do so, open the System Preferences and click on Accounts. Click on the user you would like to create a startup item for. Then, click on the Login Items tab.
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' Bind to FirstName column of the Employees table TextBox1.DataBindings.Add("text", ds, "employees.firstname") ' Bind to LastName column of the Employees table TextBox2.DataBindings.Add("text", ds, "employees.lastname")
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application needs all the help they can get to get better performance. In our opinion, a half a second delay during initialization is not acceptable. You can create your own binding metadata and customize the features to your requirements while controlling all the code that will be generated. As an example we created [TurboBinding], which is a lightweight open source (available from binding class with a speed close to the BindingUtils class, but with the ease of setting your binding as a metadata tag, just as you do with the Binding metadata. Here s an example of using the TurboBinding metadata tag:
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Fixed 1% selectivity. Fixed 5% of selectivity. Fixed 5% of selectivity. Fixed 5% of selectivity. Derived 0.25% selectivity (5% * 5%). Derived 0.25% selectivity (5% * 5%). Derived 9.75% selectivity (5% + 5% (5% * 5%)). Fixed 5% of selectivity contrary to obvious interpretation, which would give 0.25%. Fixed 5% of selectivity. Derived 1.99% (1% + 1% (1% * 1%)). Even in 10g, this function-driven in-list calculation uses the erroneous formula from 8i.
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Here, I ve taken a small rectangular piece of copper used for creating a circuit board and cut it to about the width of an iPhone. I ve placed a 10k Ohm potentiometer on the right that will be used to control the paddle. The three leads I talked about earlier poke through the board at the bottom of the potentiometer. To the left is the pushbutton switch. I ve made it roughly the size of an adult thumb so it can be easily accessed. I ll extend the design to include the 30-pin connector at the top of the board, roughly in the middle. The red and green LEDs will stand between the pushbutton and the potentiometer, roughly in the center of the board. Your board will also require a processor, the Microchip PIC16LF1936 as mentioned earlier, as well as a few other components. I ll talk more about parts selection in general in the hardware design section. Because of the small size of the board, you will use more than just the top surface of the board to route your connections. In fact, you re going to create a 4 layer board, where the connections between components will route over four separate connection layers. There are some other specific requirements for the board that I ll talk about later when I get into board design, but for now, the fabricated boards are shown in Figure 4 10.
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Figure A-8. Configuring the Spring-specific project properties
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Page Timer and Query Log
When developing a website, as mentioned previously, it is always important to have a consistent look and feel. In our previous discussion regarding master and content pages, you learned how to provide the consistent structure. A web application also needs to maintain a consistent color, fonts, and font sizes, as well as the styles for the server controls. The .NET Framework 2.0 includes functionality to manage this challenge by using the functionality of themes. Themes are very similar to .css files (Cascading Style Sheet files) in that they allow you to define the visual layout for your web pages. The main difference between themes and Cascading Style Sheets are that themes or theme files allow you to take it a step further, in that they allow you to apply styles, graphics, and even .css files themselves to the web pages of your applications. ASP.NET themes have the ability to be defined at the application, page, or server control level, giving enhanced flexibility.
Once you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Save button to start up the service. Again, you may be thinking, that can t be all the options, can it Again, you d be correct. In addition to the two GUI panels developed by Apple, there are a host of other options that can be accessed using the serveradmin command. To see the available settings, use this:
Now you can run the page and click the button to create a Boat instance, and the alert will return the value generated by getBoatDetails (see Figure 14-2).
Occurs when SQL Server scans every row within a table while performing a SQL command, rather than using an index. It does this because it is faster to scan the table rather than look at an index, then retrieve the data from the table, then move back to get the next index item, etc., and tends to occur when there are no indexes that return a low percentage of the data. To clarify, an ideal index should return a low number of rows; otherwise, a table scan is highly likely to occur.
Figure 1-14. The CalculatorApplication folder structure
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