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Figure 7-11. Treeview control during runtime
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and not be able to display as regular text. In addition, note that this method generally does not work for GSM devices. If you plan to run on both types of network and intend to use SMS messaging, you will need to create separate versions for each network or detect the current network and use one strategy or the other. barcode graphics bitmap
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JNDI, LDAP, and Active Directory
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Note If you do not have Enable Visual Confirmation as an option, you need to upgrade your phpBB installation. See the Installing Updates section earlier in this chapter for information about how to do just that.
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Also, notice that you have setUp and tearDown methods that just create a new instance of the class you are testing and are setting them to null once you are finished. So far in testAddItem method you used the assertEquals assertion which is a method in the Asserts class to which you have access automatically since you are extending TestCase. The Asserts class includes many other asserts you can use to test your methods. Once you compile the application, the compile time error disappears.
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You can configure Entourage to use SSL in much the same way as Mail. Open your accounts (listed under the Tools menu in Entourage), and choose the account you want to use SSL to secure. On the Account Settings screen, click the Click here for advanced receiving options button, and then select the This IMAP service requires a secure connection (SSL) box. If your service provider runs IMAP or POP on customized ports, then select the Override default IMAP option (or POP, if you are using POP). You can always opt to use the Always use secure password, which will force encryption on the password when you are checking e-mail (see Figure 7 13).
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CHAPTER 6: Mass Deployment
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Figure 14-15. A first post
Now when you run the application, take a look at what happens. Remember you hard-coded the age to be 125 in Program.cs The output that is rendered as a result is shown in Figure 9-11. Change the age parameter to a value less that 100, and you ll see the output in Figure 9-12.
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