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Name of the multipart message type Flag indicating whether the multipart message type should be exposed via the Visual Business Analyst Tool The scope of the multipart message type; choices are Private (accessible within the orchestration), Public (accessible everywhere), or Internal (accessible within the same project)
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Uploading Files Securely
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base. Database servers are optimized to perform selections and sorts, as well as other things. Queries can be far more sophisticated and powerful than the ones you ve been playing with in this book. By carefully (and creatively) coding queries to return exactly what you need, you not only minimize resource demands (on memory, network bandwidth, and so on) but also reduce the code you must write to manipulate and format result set data.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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It is an unfortunate accident that there is no intuitive interpretation for the terms outer table and inner table for a hash join (as there is with the traditional nested loop join). It is probably for this reason that the manuals have apparently described the mechanism of the hash join back to front for so long. At some stage, one of the manual writers must have assumed that the phrase inner table simply meant the first one. Consequently, the manuals have stated for years that the inner table is used to build the hash cluster even though every other reference you will find to the terms inner and outer (e.g., in the description of nested loops, in the 10053 trace file, and in the pq_distribute hint) shows that the expression inner table is supposed to identify the second table in the join order.
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General controls, Toolbox, 32 General option Environment node, 42 Projects and Solutions node, 42 GetAllRoles method, Role class, 263 GetSection method, Configuration objects, 226 GetUser method, Membership class, 257, 259, 260, 262 Globalization namespace storing language preferences, 182 globalization, websites, 169 GridView control data binding controls, 131, 132, 133 example using, 89 implementing SQL Server caching, 314, 315 using ASP.NET data controls, 121, 128, 130
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DataSet ds = new DataSet(); SqlXmlAdapter da = new SqlXmlAdapter(cmd); da.Fill(ds); dataGridView1.DataSource = ds.Tables[0].DefaultView; } The code creates a SqlXmlCommand object as before. It then creates a new instance of the DataSet and SqlXmlAdapter classes. The SqlXmlAdapter accepts the SqlXmlCommand object as a parameter and thus the SELECT query (or stored procedure) is passed to it. The Fill() method of SqlXmlAdapter is then called by passing a DataSet object as a parameter. The Fill() method populates the DataSet with the results returned from the query. Finally, the DataSet is bound to the DataGridView control.
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ow that we ve created the tables, we could stop at this point and just work with our data from here. However, this would not be a good decision. As soon as any table contained a reasonable amount of information, and we wished to find a particular record, it would take SQL Server a fair amount of time to locate it. Performance would suffer and our users would soon get annoyed with the slowdown in speed. In this scenario, the database is like a large filing cabinet in which we have to find one piece of paper, but there s no clear filing system or form of indexing. If we had some sort of cross-reference facility, then it would likely be easier to find the information we need. And if that cross-reference facility were in fact an index, then this would be even better, as we might be able to find the piece of paper in our filing cabinet almost instantly. It is this theory that we need to put into practice in our SQL Server database tables. Generally, indexing is a conscious decision by a developer who favors faster conditional selection of records over modification or insertion of records. In this chapter, you ll learn the basics of indexing and how you can start implementing an indexing solution. This chapter covers the following topics: What an index is Different types of indexes Size restrictions on indexes Qualities of a good index and a bad index How to build an index in code as well as graphically How to alter an index Let s begin by looking at what an index is and how it stores data.
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Essential Symmetric Encryption
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CLDC Behavior
In the previous example, we constructed the XmlTextWriter class by providing a filename and the character encoding. In this case, the encoding parameter was null, but there are four possible encoding options in the .NET Framework. They are available as properties of the Encoding class, which resides in the System.Text namespace. Each of these properties is shown in Table 3-1. Table 3-1. Properties of the Encoding Class
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