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> -list /Local/Default/Users
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Thus, by placing a symbolic link of the sharepath to its basename on the root of the file system, you can simulate this on the server:
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If you need to provide a shared secret then click on the Authentication Settings button and provide it in the Shared Secret field. Or, if your environment uses an SSL certificate, click on the radio button for Certificate and then click on the Select button. You can then select the certificate. See Figure 15 20.
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Figure 1 6. Security preference pane, General tab
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So far, we ve looked at connecting to a remote machine using command-line tools. But Ubuntu is based around the graphical desktop, so is there any way of running, say, a Nautilus file browser window so you can manipulate files on the remote machine Yes! The graphical subsystem of Linux, X, is designed to work across a network. In fact, if you run Linux on your desktop PC, X still works via a loopback network within your machine (meaning that network commands are sent out but addressed to the very same machine on which they originated). Because of this, it s possible to make programs on a remote machine run on a local machine s X server. The actual work of running the application is handled by the remote machine, but the work of displaying the graphics is handled by the local machine.
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Figure 7-2. phpBB 3.0.0, codename Olympus, in all its pre-release glory
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Stop hackers dead in their tracks by securing your systems and network. That has been our mantra up to this point. However, there is another piece in the security pie that often goes unexamined. Any conversation about security on a system or network must go beyond discussing the prevention of unauthorized access and into backup, because the capacity to recover data minimizes the potential impact of an attack. Securing the data on these systems with a reliable data backup scheme is a crucial element in any security framework. As digital assets become increasingly valuable, organizations are becoming more and more reliant on their data. Many companies have invested large amounts of labor in building their company data. If they were to suffer a catastrophic loss of data (for some this could mean as little as 30%), due to the number of hours it would take to re-create that data, it would prove impossible to rebuild, and would simply cause them to go out of business. Therefore, backing up data is very important in any security footprint and critical in any organization. When developing a backup schematic, you should answer some important questions that start with the following(there are more but this is a good start): What is the source data to be backed up To what destination device is the data to be backed up How far back in time will the backups need to go As we move through this chapter, we will examine how backups are performed for a variety of software packages. We will start by discussing the most simplistic backup topology and work our way up to more complicated backup schemas, including faulttolerant solutions. This will allow you to see the increasing complexity and weigh it against your needs to eventually choose which is best for you. Once you have a backup solution that you trust, you should continue to refer to this chapter, because as your needs increase, so will the complexity of your backup topology. Backing up a computer
txtReportTitle Branch Sales Performance Chart txtCompanyTitle Home Decorations Inc. txtPrintDate ="Print Date: " & Today imageLogo Embedded
Figure 9-1. My MSN You can see that this instance of an MSN home page has local weather information in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (a lot of rain in the forecast, unfortunately). There also is a section that has the most up-to-date news headlines. The type of content displayed is strictly up to the user, and the displayed content along with the location of the content on the web page can be changed at any time. My MSN is a prime example of a public site that utilizes Web Parts. Users can arrange the columns of information to whatever location that they desire, thus customizing or personalizing the web page. With Web Part technology, you can emulate this exact functionality within your own websites. Before we move on and explore Web Parts in further detail, we need to take a step back and look at the entire Web Part Framework.
What should you expect from Linux once you ve installed it Well, it s a little like running Windows, except there are no viruses, fewer crashes, and no inexplicable slowdowns. In addition, you have complete control over the system. This doesn t mean Linux is necessarily complicated. It s just that you have the control if you wish to make use of it. We ll look into this in the later chapters of this book. Most software you use under Windows has at least one equivalent under Ubuntu, installed by default. It s unlikely that you ll need to download or install any additional software and, even if you do, you ll probably find it s available for free. In most cases, the Linux swap-ins are at least as powerful and easy to use as their Windows alternatives. Tabbed browsing in the Mozilla Firefox web browser lets you visit more than one site at once, for example, without needing to have a lot of browser instances running, as you do with Microsoft Internet Explorer. The Evolution program has a search routine that lets you look through your e-mail messages quickly for a variety of criteria, and it puts the features in a similar Microsoft product to shame. Does this sound too good to be true There is just one caveat. Linux isn t a clone of Windows and doesn t aim to be. It has its own way of doing certain things, and sometimes works differently from Windows. This means that many people experience a learning curve when they first begin using Linux.
Let s begin with the question, What is a console application Well, the answer is simple: an application that doesn t have any GUI elements and runs at a DOS or command prompt. You have probably interacted with console applications in some way or other. You might be wondering why we need console applications, in these days of modern GUI interfaces. Well, wait until you practice the reporting projects in this chapter; you ll see how much power is packed in this client. It s no wonder that VS 2005 and the forthcoming VS 2008 application have this project type available. Console applications are built to do a variety of batch processing jobs like archiving old database logs or backing up data drives content to a secure location. We re going to focus on a console application s ability to host reports and deliver them to various targets, like a file server and an FTP folder. Console applications can start from a command prompt by typing the program s name or by using the Run dialog box. Another common way to start a console application is to browse
11. Click OK to add the ApressFinancial dataset.
This next exercise demonstrates the steps you need to take to remove an index and then re-create it. You ll learn how to do all of this in two steps, rather than the expected three steps.
This procedure creates the Address complex type element structure under the ShipFrom record. A sequence instruction is created under both the ShipFrom and ShipTo records to implement the complex type. Figure 2 20 shows the finished schema.
codesign s 'MyCo Signing Certificate' /Applications/Firefox.app
By default, Ubuntu attempts to grab as much space for itself as possible, without shrinking the existing partition too much. In our example in Figure 5-8, the installation program has decided that 71% of the entire disk space should be devoted to Ubuntu, shrinking the Windows partition so that it takes up 28% of the space. This is shown in the bar display: the left part of the bar represents Windows, and the right part represents the new Ubuntu partition. Ubuntu s default choice is normally fine, but you can also click and drag the grab bar in the middle of the partitioning display bar to increase or decrease the sizes of the Windows and Ubuntu partitions. You may want to give Windows a little more space if you plan to divide your time between Windows and Ubuntu. The Ubuntu installer is intelligent enough not to let you set an impossible value for shrinking the existing partition. The Ubuntu installer is also clever enough to know that Windows needs some free space within its partition to operate effectively to write temporary and system files and user-created files such as Word documents, for example. So you shouldn t be able to make changes that are too extreme. On a test system, we couldn t set a size for the existing partition lower than 10% of the entire disk, because the existing data on the partition occupied around 10% of the space. You can override this protection by manually partitioning, as described under Manually Edit the Partitioning Table. Similarly, the installer shouldn t let you create an inadequate amount of free space for Ubuntu when dragging the slider to the right.
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