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Figure 9-9. Deleting an application s isolated storage What if you want more storage space for your application Developers can request additional storage space by using the TryIncreaseQuotaTo() method. A restriction placed on this task is that it can be executed only in a user-triggered event, such as a Button control s Click event. This restriction is in place to prevent the application from increasing the quota without the user s knowledge.
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Note The node values in Listings 3 12 through 3 14 have been placed in the XML as an example. You should
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Figure 2 29. Document data customer header 18. Click Next. 19. Now, you will select the record format for the customer header. In this example, select the By Relative Positions radio button, as shown in Figure 2 30.
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Figure 4 13. Configuring the decryption pipeline 8. Using the BizTalk Administration Console, open Platform Settings and select Host Instances. Right click the BizTalk host that will receive the encrypted message and select Properties. Specify the decryption certificate BizTalk will use to receive messages. Secure messages by pasting the thumbprint of the certificate containing the private key into the Thumbprint field in the Certificates section of the Host Properties dialog box.
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If you get stuck with a restrictive IT policy, you might have a couple of options. If you are on a corporate BES network, or have access to one, you can ask the administrator to create an open IT policy for your device to use. This might or might not be successful. Administrators have much larger responsibilities than your individual development, and might not want to have loose policies floating around. There are also some online tools available that claim to remove IT policies. In reality, nothing actually removes a policy; the best that can happen is that it replaces the existing policy with a more permissive one. Use such tools at your own risk. The updated policy you receive might not be much better than the one you got rid of. Finally, keep in mind that, even if you do replace an old policy, updated policies will still be pushed to the device every time you connect to a corporate network. Because of this, you might want to avoid using an individual BlackBerry as both a development device and as part of a secure company network. It s more expensive to get two devices, but over the long run you will more than make up for the cost with your increased productivity.
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Nowadays, Linux is developed not only by Torvalds, who manages the huge project, but also by hundreds of volunteers and corporations who contribute resources. Most recently, IBM and Novell have gotten involved and contribute hundreds of people to the effort of creating Linux. Sun contributes the OpenOffice.org office suite and sells its own version of Unix. Corporations like Computer Associates contribute their own software, too. These companies have realized that the best way of producing software is to share and share alike, rather than develop their own proprietary software and keep it secret. The proprietary ways of the 1980s are starting to seem like an ill-conceived flash in the pan. Most recently, Novell found that by embracing Linux, it could massively enhance the functions of its aging NetWare product, without needing to return to the drawing board and start from scratch. It could just take what it wanted from the pile of Linux software. This shows the philosophy of Linux in action.
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To create this VPN, you ll first need to create an account in the Account pane of System Preferences on the client machine (for the purposes of discussion, we will refer to the client machine in this example as cedge.318.com) for our server machine to log into. The account being created should be a new account and should not be used for any other purpose than for the VPN, mainly because you ll be modifying some of the account settings that may cause a normal user to become unusable for any other purpose. In this example, we will use the account named cedge. The next step is to set up the VPN account with the ability to launch the PPP daemon. To do this, edit the sudoers file. Open the Terminal, and navigate to the file /etc/sudoers. You ll want to add the VPN Cmnd_Alias and VPN user privileges to make your sudoers file look like this one:
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You might know about the Accessibility tools under Windows, which help people with disabilities use the computer. It s possible to use an on-screen magnifier, so that users can better see what they re typing or reading, for example. Under the GNOME desktop, the Accessibility tools are referred to as Assistive Technologies. To use them, select System Administration Preferences Universal Access Assistive Technology. Click the check box alongside Enable Assistive Technologies. Here is what s offered: The Screenreader uses a speech synthesizer to announce whatever you click on, as well as whatever you type. To alter its settings, click the Settings button. Note that this also lets you configure any Braille output devices that might be connected to the computer, and it lets you configure the on-screen magnifier.
3. Drag and drop a Yahoo! Local module and set the keyword and ZIP code.
The Report Items supplied with the VS 2005 IDE are outlined in Table 2-1. Table 2-1. Report Items
GNU/Linux Solutions
Figure 15 2. Selecting users
private FrameworkElement CorePart { get { return corePart; } set { } }
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