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I think I ve beaten the tools and test equipment subject to death. But before moving on, I want to reiterate that you do not need everything I ve talked about to perform accessory development. For what it would cost you to get all the stuff I ve mentioned so far, you could probably hire a good, experienced engineer to develop your boards. What s more, by selecting a practicing engineer, you ll almost definitely have a higher success rate than if you tried it yourself.
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SQL Database A ti SQL Database Passive
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Vehicles.SpeedBoat.registerClass('Vehicles.SpeedBoat', Vehicles.Boat);
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Imports System.Data.SqlClient
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This example displays a 3D pie chart with some expenditures data. The pie chart uses a PieDataset object, which we populated using the setValue() method. Like
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OpenOffice.org features a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation package, drawing tool (vector graphics), web site creation tool, database program, and several extras. As such, it matches Microsoft Office almost blow-for-blow in terms of core functionality. See Table 21-1 for a comparison of core packages.
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Figure 3-12. Server-side output when using a factory object
Caching the Output of Web Methods
A repository of objects holding information that makes up a single unit of information. A database will hold not only rows and columns of information within a table, but also objects that let you work with that data, such as stored procedures, views, etc.
Using Parameters in Commands
importantly than the decompilation part, though, obfuscators also remove unused sections of code. If an obfuscator determines that a method can never be called, or a class will never be instantiated, it will strip out the affected code. For mobile platforms that have a limited amount of space available for applications, such savings can prove crucial. As noted above, rapc includes an obfuscation stage that will strip out unused code. In addition, because the COD file format is proprietary and unique to RIM devices, it cannot be reverse-engineered with the same ease that Java ME JAR files can. We have previously seen that you can open a COD file in a hex editor to view program information, but, currently, no true decompiler exists for the COD format. Because of these aspects, you can generally omit obfuscation from your build process. However, there are times when Proguard offers more aggressive obfuscation settings or more fine-tuning than the automatic behavior you get from rapc. If you feel that your application is still too large, you may choose to add a third-party obfuscator to your process. In this case, you would probably follow these steps. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Compile your source using the RIM tools; a JAR file will be produced as part of this process. Extract the JAR contents to another directory. Run an obfuscator on the resulting files. Run RIM s preverify.exe command (found in the bin directory) on the obfuscated files. Pass the preverified files to rapc for the final transformation into a COD. Caution: If you do not use rapc to preverify and compile your source files, you can encounter unusual and frustrating errors such as the dreaded Stack Map message when launching your app. Pay careful attention to your Java compiler version, obfuscation settings, and especially any messages generated by rapc. You may need to tweak your settings to get the right results.
Portal implementations usually involve a wide variety of interesting technical problems. Because they are generally systems for integrating a range of business systems, content stores, and web applications, the goals for the portal project are usually specific to the installation. Some of the goals that typically come up are integrating a search engine with the portal and providing an SSO interface for security. Other common development tasks for portal projects include extending personalization across all of the portal s applications, integrating content management systems, and creating portlets for systems that were not designed for portals. In this book, we discuss all of these problems, plus several others, and provide solutions that work within a portal environment. Our hope is that you will be able to take our solutions and make them work for your problems.
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