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File Typical Extensions Location (Vista)
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Looking back at the execution plan, we see that the index line reports a cost of 184, and the table line reports a cost of 264, a difference of 80, which is what we get from the clustering portion of the formula. This suggests that it is the bit involving the index leaf block factor that has gone wrong. The cardinality on the index line of the 9i/10g plan gives us the clue the optimizer is telling us that it is going to examine 1,633 entries from the index, a huge fraction of the index. Why is this Because as soon as we have a range scan on a column used somewhere in the middle of an index definition or fail to supply a test on such a column, the predicates on later columns don t restrict the selection of index leaf blocks that we have to examine. This is why we have two selectivities in our formula, the effective table selectivity (which combines all predicates available on the index s columns) and the effective index selectivity (which may have to use a subset of the predicates based on the index s leading columns). In this case, the effective index selectivity has to be calculated from the predicate on just the n1 column. Because the test on n1 is range-based, the predicates on index_pad and n2 do not restrict the number of index leaf blocks we have to walk. Of course, when we finally get to examine an index leaf row, we can use all three predicates to check whether we should go to the table, so the effective table selectivity still includes all three individual column predicates. So the effective index selectivity is 0.1633333 (the selectivity we calculated previously for column n1), and the final cost formula is Cost = 2 + Ceiling(0.1633333 * 1,111) + Ceiling(0.0081667 * 9745) 184 + 80 = 264 ----blevel 182 80 as expected
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When you resize the form, it will behave according to the settings of the Dock and Anchor properties. In the first instance, you set the Dock property of the Label control to Top, which allows this Label control to be affixed to the top border of the form and span the entire width of the form. Setting the Anchor property of the remaining controls to Top, Left, and Right shifts the controls in such a manner that they will maintain a constant distance from the left and right borders of the form.
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As we mentioned earlier, the web.config file is an XML-based file. Therefore, the web.config has all the common items found in XML. The root element of the web.config file is always a <configuration> tag. Nested within the <configuration> tag are the ASP.NET and end-user settings. Let s examine this tag: <configuration> <!-- Additional / *ASP.NET and end-user settings placed within this region. */ --> </configuration>
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Boundaries: Processes and Application Domains
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ref struct R { ~R() { this->!R(); } // implements IDispose::Dispose !R() { /* finalizer body */ } };
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Figure 11 35. Completed Event Source Wizard
Adding the ReportViewer to the Form
Permits file-like resources to be obtained (and thus injected) based on an identifying path. In conjunction with the ResourcePatternResolver, this allows file resources to be specified with simple strings, greatly simplifying XML configuration files. Allows for the use of various wildcard styles (including Ant style and Regular Expression style) when specifying resource paths.
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