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Try It Out: Setting Inline Properties with Expression Blend
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Note that you could have used an ordinal index (for example, dt.Columns(1)) if you knew what the index for the column was, but using * to select all columns makes this less reliable since the position of a column may change if the database table schema changes.
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Language (DDL) statements, to create and drop database objects like tables and indexes.
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One low-level detail that s worth noting even though you shouldn t change it is connection pooling. Recall that creating connections is expensive in terms of memory and time. With pooling, a closed connection isn t immediately destroyed but is kept in memory in a pool of unused connections. If a new connection request comes in that matches the properties of one of the unused connections in the pool, then the unused connection is used for the new database session. Creating a totally new connection over the network can take seconds, whereas reusing a pooled connection can happen in milliseconds; it s much faster to use pooled connections. The connection string has parameters that can change the size of the connection pool or even turn off connection pooling. The default values (for example, connection pooling is on by default) are appropriate for the vast majority of applications. See BOL for details.
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This schema is published by the Exception Handler orchestration and is subscribed to by the Task Processing orchestration(s). All Task Processing orchestration instances subscribe to this schema type. Use a filter expression on the individual Task Processing orchestration s initial Receive shape to indicate which instance to kick off (based on the OrchestrationFilter parameter). Table 5 7 shows the schema definition.
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Glossary of Terms
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Apply Policy.
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Serializing and Deserializing Complex Types
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All .NET exceptions inherit from a single root class, System::Exception. Table 10-1 shows some of the common exceptions thrown by the runtime in C++/CLI code.
CHAPTER 2: EAAccessory Framework
Figure 13-3. Dragging and dropping 6. When the group of files is within the FTP window, release the mouse button (i.e., drop the files), and the grouping of files will be uploaded to the target location. Congratulations! You have just uploaded and deployed your application to the target server.
Figure 13-10. Adding a row using a command builder
In addition to hiding a window and making it visible, you can keep a window s position floating or dock it. I always like to see the Toolbox window on the left-hand side of the IDE, so I dock it there. Docking a window is simple: You just drag the window by holding the blue title area. As you drag, you will see a guideline to dock either on the left, right, top, or the bottom position. A guideline showing all four directions allows you to show the window as a tab choice inside the IDE designer. Figure A-6 shows docking in action.
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When I m setting up a new WordPress blog, I select the password with my mouse and copy it to the Tip
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