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Some type constructors, such as list and option, are generic, which means they can be used to form a range of types by instantiating the generic variables, such as int list, string list, int list list, and so on. You can write instantiations of generic types using either prefix notation (such as int list) or postfix notation (such as list<int>). Variable types such as 'a and 'T are placeholders for any type. s 3 and 5 discuss generics and variable types in more detail.
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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The type of the deriv function is as follows: val deriv : Expr -> Expr Now, let s find the derivative of a simple expression, say 1+2x: > let e1 = Sum (Num 1, Prod (Num 2, Var));; val e1 : Expr = Sum (Num 1,Prod (Num 2,Var)) > deriv e1;; val it : Expr = Sum (Num 0,Sum (Prod (Num 2,Num 1),Prod (Var,Num 0))) The resulting expression is a symbolic representation of 0+(2*1+x*0), which indeed is 2 so it s right. You should do a couple of things next. First, install a custom printer so that F# Interactive responds using expressions that you re more used to using. Before you apply brute force and put parentheses around the expressions in each sum and product, let s contemplate it a bit. Parentheses are usually needed to give precedence to operations that would otherwise be applied later in the sequence of calculations. For instance, 2+3*4 is calculated as 2+(3*4) because the product has a higher precedence; if you were to find (2+3)*4, you would need to use parentheses to designate the new order of calculation. Taking this argument further, you can formulate the rule for using parentheses: they re needed in places where an operator has lower precedence than the one surrounding it. You can apply this reasoning to the expression printer by passing a context precedence parameter: let precSum = 10 let precProd = 20 let rec stringOfExpr prec expr = match expr with | Var -> "x" | Num i -> i.ToString() | Sum (e1, e2) -> if prec > precSum then "(" + stringOfExpr precSum e1 + "+" + stringOfExpr precSum e2 + ")" else stringOfExpr precSum e1 + "+" + stringOfExpr precSum e2
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www.upassoc.org). Both offer you the ability to participate in user group meetings and hold annual conferences. Pros: Most will offer a basic membership at little or no cost. Membership status will typically include a newsletter that will alert you to upcoming events that allow for you to connect, share, and learn from others. Many of these events are free to attend. Cons: There are not a lot of options as far as organized associations go, and you may be disappointed in the overall selection. Also, they may be nothing more than a networking focus as opposed to training or professional development. You will need to do extra research to find out the exact benefits of membership.
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It s important to maintain the certificate that you created when you built the release application, as the two certificates will need to be identical for the update process to work. In case you run into issues when trying to update, check that the update air file can update the installed version manually by trying to install the new version. Additionally, you can enable AIR Installer logging and check the logs. To find out more visit: http://blogs.adobe.com/simplicity/2007/10/air_installer_logging.html.
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' Open connection conn.Open() ' Create data reader dr = cmd.ExecuteReader() you loop through the result set (but here there is only one row), get the file name from the table with GetString(), and print it to show which file is displayed. You then call GetChars() with a null character array to get the size of the VARCHAR(MAX) column: If dr.Read() Then ' Get file name textFile = dr.GetString(0) Console.WriteLine("------ start of file:") Console.WriteLine(textFile) textSize = dr.GetChars(1, 0, Nothing, 0, 0) Console.WriteLine("--- size of text: {0} characters -----", _ textSize) Console.WriteLine("--- first 100 characters in text -----") charsRead = dr.GetChars(1, 0, textChars, 0, 100) Console.WriteLine(New String(textChars)) Console.WriteLine("--- last 100 characters in text -----") charsRead = dr.GetChars(1, textSize - 100, textChars, 0, 100) Console.WriteLine(New String(textChars)) Return True Else Return False Rather than print the whole file, you display the first 100 bytes, using GetChars() to extract a substring. You do the same thing with the last 100 characters. Otherwise, this program is like any other that retrieves and displays database character data.
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XML Serialization
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-- ========================================= -- Create table template with IDENTITY -- ========================================= USE <database, sysname, AdventureWorks> GO IF OBJECT_ID('<schema_name, sysname, dbo>.<table_name, sysname, sample_table>', 'U') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE <schema_name, sysname, dbo>.<table_name, sysname, sample_table> GO CREATE TABLE <schema_name, sysname, dbo>.<table_name, sysname, sample_table>( <column1_name, sysname, c1> <column1_datatype, , int> <identity,,IDENTITY (1,1)> <column1_nullability,, NOT NULL>, <column2_name, sysname, c2> <column2_datatype, , char(10)> <column2_nullability,, NULL>, <column3_name, sysname, c3> <column3_datatype, , datetime> <column3_nullability,, NULL>, <column4_name, sysname, c4> <column4_datatype, , bit> <column4_nullability,, NOT NULL>, CONSTRAINT <contraint_name, sysname, PK_sample_table> PRIMARY KEY (<columns_in_primary_key, , c1>) ) GO
Portlet Modes
Your completed board needs to be put through its paces (tested) before you jump into the complexities of an iPhone game application. Generally, in any development process, it s always best to make small, incremental steps, proceeding from known circumstances, into the unknown. Ideally, you d like to have a proven piece of software to test your, as yet, unknown logic board. Fortunately, Apple has provided it. If you are a member of the Apple iPhone development program, you have access to a very valuable suite of example code. What you need for your test is the EADemo code. Apple provided this as part of the 2009 World Wide Developer s Conference and hopefully by the time this book comes to press it will be available as part of the standard set of sample code. The sample application consists of four parts: the application delegate, the root view controller (a navigation controller), the accessory controller, and the view controller. I discussed much of this architecture in the chapter on the External Accessory Framework and will cover it again when I describe how to build the Pong application. For now, only the key differences will be addressed. The application delegate is straightforward and does nothing more than add the navigation controller to the window. Within the viewDidLoad method of the navigation controller the first two lines of code add observers of the accessory connect and disconnect notifications and the third line
3. The View Designer will now look similar to Figure 9-16, with two tables and the SQL showing a new type of join, a CROSS JOIN.
the inner exception information can be used by the error-handling code to respond more appropriately to the real cause of the error.
set of disks, your tempdb files should be placed onto a third set, and your backups should be stored either on a fourth set or on a different server altogether (which is often recommended). Each item in the preceding list leads to a different set of needs. In a perfect world with bottomless budgets and hardware designed specifically for database servers, you would be able to configure everything with RAID 10. Your server s operating system files would go on one array, and your pagefile would go on a different array, as well as your data, your transaction logs, and your tempdb files. That would be five different arrays, configured as RAID 10, meaning you would need (at a minimum) twenty hard drives. In case you are wondering, that is a lot of drives. Most servers do not come with twenty hard drive bays. But do you really need all of that I have thousands of databases under my care right now, and 99 percent of them would perform just fine with RAID 5 for data, transaction logs, and tempdb. But there are a handful of systems that do need some extra care and attention. And when the time arises for you to help performance tune a system, it is going to benefit you if you just stick to the basics. NOTE: Tom s comment here about many systems performing just fine on RAID 5 arrays fits my own experience. It s why I haven t been able to quite bring myself to drink the BAARF Kool-Aid. Jonathan Gennick The biggest thing for you to recognize when troubleshooting is where you are feeling the pressure. Is it in your tempdb Then put your tempdb on a RAID 10, if possible. Is it your transaction logs Put your transaction logs onto a different RAID 10 set, if possible. If not, then go with a RAID 1 for your transaction logs. Is it your data files Your data should also go onto yet a different set of RAID 10, but if that is not possible, then go with RAID 5 for your data. The bottom line is this: know the difference between these RAID levels as well as which ones you want to use. That knowledge will be a benefit when you are helping to architect the design of any system.
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