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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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Copying the Files to the test_site directory
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Getting Supported Window States
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Xsan is Apple s implementation of a Clustered File System. This means that the file system can be accessed by multiple machines concurrently. Fibre Channel is an extension of the SCSI protocol and can be accessed through fiber optic cabling. Using Xsan, multiple Macs can simultaneously access shared storage provided over a Fibre Channel network. This allows multiple users to access data striped across a large number of physical drives (let s just say six Promise VTrak RAIDs worth) as though they are one volume. Each client can access data at speeds of up to 4Gbps. Xsan is commonly used high-definition video and multiuser high-bandwidth creative environments, and it is also found in web and file-sharing farms. Xsan is based on the StorNext File System, made by Quantum. Apple and Quantum both claim interoperability between StorNext and Xsan, which means that by combining the two, it s possibly for Macs, Windows, and many Unix variants (including Solaris, AIX, Linux and IRIX) can share communicate and share storage in a fast Fibre Channel environment. When looking to secure Xsan, you may find that there are specific features of StorNext that you want to use. Because Xsan is based on StorNext, many of the features of StorNext are built into the Xsan but might not be available through Xsan Admin. To begin unlocking some of the hidden features of Xsan, you will need to dip into the command line. Xsan stores most of its data in /Library/Filesystems/Xsan. Configuration files are stored in the Config directory, and binaries are in the bin directory. The files in Config contain information about the structure of the SAN and any volumes on the SAN. The Config directory should not be world-writable, because if it is altered or deleted, the entire SAN volume could be deleted with it. The commands to control and configure Xsan are cvlabel, cvadmin, cvfsck, and cvcp. These commands are analogous to some Unix commands (and are similarly named), but they are quite specific to Xsan. Be wary of using a Unix commands in place of the Xsanspecific command. As an example, you should never, ever run fsck on an Xsan volume.
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Document Mapping
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Note: You ll observe that HelloWorld is still installed, even though you have switched workspaces and started a new project. Although you can only debug one project at a time, any changes you make to the BlackBerry simulator will persist across multiple launches. If you d like to return to a clean slate, you can do so by clicking on the Eclipse BlackBerry menu, then selecting Erase Simulator File. There are multiple options for deleting everything, deleting the SD card, deleting preferences, and deleting applications.
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The Seatbelt Framework
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<!-- Uses , delimiter instead--> <Message Text="Comma delimiter" /> <Message Text="%09@(MDFormOther->'%(Filename)', ',')" /> <Message Text="%0D%0A"/> <!-- This lines up the filenames --> <Message Text="Align on new lines"/> <Message Text="%09@(MDFormOther->'%(Filename)', '%0D%0A%09;')" /> <Message Text="%0D%0A"/> </Target> Figure 3-4 shows the output from executing this new target.
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ow that you know how to build queries of single executable lines of T-SQL code, it is time to look at how to place these into a stored procedure within SQL Server, allowing them to be run as often as they are required. While you may save queries on a disk drive somewhere, you have not stored them within SQL Server itself up to this point, nor have you saved them as multiple units of work. Often, however, you need to execute multiple queries in series from SQL Server. To do this, you employ stored procedures. SQL Server assumes that a stored procedure will be run more than once. Therefore, when it is executed for the first time, a query plan is created for it, detailing how best to execute the query. It is also possible, just like any other database object, to assign security to a stored procedure, so that only specific users can run it, lending added security compared to a one-time-only query saved to a hard drive. The aim of this chapter is to build a simple stored procedure that will insert a single record and then look at error handling and controlling the flow of execution within our procedure. Therefore, this chapter will Describe what a stored procedure is. Explain the advantages of a stored procedure over a view. Cover the basic syntax for creating a stored procedure. Show how to set values within variables. Control the flow through a stored procedure.
How It Works
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
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