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OdbcCommand OdbcConnection OdbcDataAdapter OdbcDataReader OdbcError OdbcParameter OdbcTransaction
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Now we have completed all the simple types, complex types, and attributes. We can now add the root element to the schema. This is done by using the Add() method of the Items collection of the XmlSchema class: schema.Items.Add(employees); After the schema is ready, you can compile it. Compiling the schema ensures that the schema is syntactically correct and well formed. The XmlSchemaSet class represents a set of schemas and allows you to compile them. The relevant code is given here: //compile the schema try { XmlSchemaSet set = new XmlSchemaSet(); set.Add(schema); set.Compile(); } catch (Exception ex) { MessageBox.Show("Schema compilation failed"); return; } The Add() method of the XmlSchemaSet class accepts the XmlSchema objects that are to be added to the schema set. The Compile() method of the XmlSchemaSet class compiles all the schemas in the given set.
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You can use BizTalk s Orchestration Debugger, which allows you to set breakpoints on any shape in an orchestration. Once an instance of an orchestration executes and encounters one of these breakpoints, it will go into a wait state in the BizTalk MessageBox, allowing a developer or administrator to manually step through the orchestration.
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5. Put a check in the IP address is assigned via DHCP box, unless you re using a dial-
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Next, you will be prompted to setup WINS on the client computer. Most Active Directory environments no longer rely heavily on WINS support. Additionally, WINS is available using the Apple Active Directory plug-in. However, if you would like to enable WINS support you can do so by choosing to do so through DHCP or Manually. When you are satisfied with your settings, click on the Continue button. Next, configure the Security Policy Settings, similar to the PacketSign option in dsconfigad. Here, select whether digital signing is required and select the bullet that most applies to your environment in terms of hashing and then click on the Continue button. You will now be prompted to enter the name of the domain for your Active Directory environment. Enter the domain in the Domain: field and click on the Continue button as seen here. Next enter the name that the computer record should be generated with into the Computer Name: field and the Organizational Unit (OU) that the computer should reside in using the Computer OU: field. Also enter the username and password of a user who has permission to create an object in Active Directory and click on the OK button. The computer will now bind to Active Directory. When it is finished you will have the option to use the assistant to move local accounts into Active Directory accounts. This is only for systems with existing users that need to be migrated to Active Directory users. However, if you would like to invoke the application later you can do so using the Home Mover program that is located in /Library/Application Support/ADmitMac. Now that your client is bound into Active Directory, you can use the Directory Utility application from /Applications/Utilities to alter any of the settings that have been previously configured and to configure shared folders on the local client using Active Directory credentials. The Directory Utility plug-in can also be used in dual directory environments to specify exactly where to look for managed preferences. NOTE: At the time of release for this book, ADmitMac does not yet support Snow Leopard. However, we have been assured that by the time the book is printed that it will be supported. Therefore, given the historical importance of the ADmitMac solution and the prevalence in the marketplace we have left this section in place, written based on Leopard rather than Snow Leopard.
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Search Form in Portlet
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From here on, whenever the image is mounted, disk utility will first search through all of a user s keychains for the corresponding private key; if it is not found, the user will be prompted to enter a password. If you need to mount the image from a machine that doesn t have an active console, you can specify the path to the keychain using hdiutil:
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The XMLRPCObject is the key component of the as3-rpclib library that provides the XML-RPC client functionality. The XMLRPCObject indirectly inherits from mx.rpc.AbstractService, which is the base class for both WebService and RemoteObject.
Well, that s all we need on the report design front. Let s add the following code behind Form1.cs to get data and see if we managed to mimic the report: using using using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.ComponentModel; System.Data; System.Drawing; System.Text; System.Windows.Forms; System.Data.SqlClient; Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms;
Design the Report Layout
Figure 11-11. Files generated by the O/R Designer In particular, you might want to look at the LeadData.designer.cs class, which contains a class derived from DataContext called LeadDataDataContext. You will use this class to connect to the database and also to commit your updates. This file also contains a class for each table with the same name as the table. For this project, there is only one class, named Lead. This class contains members for each of the columns in the Lead table. If you look at the code, you ll find that there is a lot of extra stuff that LINQ uses to map the class to the table and to provide extensions for you to modify the LINQ functionality. You will not need to modify this file; the default implementation works just fine for our purposes.
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