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Creating a WCF Service to Track Notification Recipients
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It doesn t include the root element. However, as you will see later, you can specify the root element yourself.
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In WSRP either the consumer or the producer can process portlet URLs for use in , the consumer portal page. If a portlet generates a direct link to the producer inside the markup, the link should be intercepted and rewritten, so the user stays inside the portal. Furthermore, a firewall may exist between the user and the producer, so only the consumer can send traffic to the producer. The producer uses SOAP as a protocol, not HTTP and the producer does not have to be able to han, dle an HTTP request. The producer does not have enough information on its own to create the proper links in HTML markup. The producer needs information about the consumer s environment to create links that point to the correct portlet. The producer can get the information from the consumer and create the links itself, or the consumer can process links in the portlet content. If the consumer rewrites the links in the portlet s content markup fragment, the portlet should encode links for rewriting. The WSRP standard supports both of these approaches. We recommend that your portlets rely on the Java portlet API to create portlet URLs for the portlet content markup fragments. This abstracts the decision on how links look to the portlet container, so your portlets can run unmodified locally or remotely. When servlets or other web applications need to be syndicated out, the application syndication software has to decide how to rewrite the URLs. With the Java portlet API, the portlet container will create the URLs for you at runtime, so the local portal environment is an abstraction.
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NOTE: We suggest writing down all the AirPort IDs on your network before beginning this process, and adding them during the initial setup of the AirPort. Once the AirPort IDs have been assembled, enable MAC filtration on the AirPort by opening the AirPort Utility and clicking the AirPort icon in the toolbar. Then select the Access Control tab, and set the MAC Address Access Control feature to Local (see Figure 12 12). This can only be done on AirPorts other than Airport Express AirPorts.
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' Set up DML Dim ins As String = _ "insert into employees " _ & "( " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname, " _ & " titleofcourtesy, " _ & " city, " _ & " country " _ & ") " _ & "values " _ & "( " _ & " @firstname, " _ & " @lastname, " _ & " @titleofcourtesy, " _ & " @city, " _ & " @country " _ & ") "
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Try It Out: Using the MIN, MAX, and AVG Functions
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s Note We ve used a semicolon to terminate the query. It s optional here, but we ll see when it needs to be
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Sales Profit Analysis Purple A1 Financial Services Inc. Blue Right ="Print Date: " & Today ="Page: " & Globals!PageNumber & "/" & Globals!TotalPages Right
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Before running the application, make sure to bring the Visual Studio Output window to the forefront in Visual Studio, select Debug Windows Output on the menu bar. Press F5 to run the application that you have built in the previous steps and observe the messages displayed in the Output window. 1. When the application first comes up, observe how an Application Launching message is printed in the Output window, indicating that the Application_Launching event has fired, but the Application_Activated event has not fired upon the initial launch of an application. Click the Launch Browser button to bring up Internet Explorer with the Windows Phone web site open. In the Visual Studio Output window, notice how the Application_Deactivated event fired as soon as the web browser was launched (see Figure 10 3), indicating possible tombstoning of your application. Click the Back button on the emulator screen. Notice how the Application_Activated event fires and prints a message in the Output window. Click the Start button, and observe how Application_Deactivated is fired again. If you click the Back button now, the Application_Activated event is triggered.
To understand messaging in Flex, we will dive into a sample application first and then explore the different aspects of the model in the light of the application. The application is a collaborative form that is filled in by two users at the same time. Changes on either side are propagated to the other one. A possible use case could be travel booking by a customer in association with an agent, where the agent assists in real time by validating the data and adding expertise to find the best deal. There are two main roles in the world of messaging: message producer and message consumer. A message producer, as the name suggests, produces messages, and a message consumer consumes messages. Our collaborative application acts as both a producer and a consumer. As a producer, it sends all updates out as messages. Subscribed consumers receive these messages and process them. The collaborative application is used by two users, although in its current shape the application itself doesn t restrict the number of users collaborating simultaneously. Each instance of the application acts as both consumer and producer, so an instance acting as a consumer receives its own messages, sent in the capacity of a producer. Updates, when applied to the producing instance, have no impact because the data is already present there; after all, it s the source of the updates. In a real-life situation, you may want to bind these roles to specific parts of the form and have logic to skip and apply updates, but here we adopt the most elementary approach. You can get hold of the code and extend it to include any or all of these features. Our collaborative application is in a single MXML file, which appears as shown here:
int main(array<String^>^ args) { /* body of main method */ return i; // optional return statement }
The mechanics of these functions are not much different from those of the built-in PHP equivalents. For example, Listing 11-2 shows how to get a post title in PHP format, and Listing 11-3 shows how to use the phpBB abstraction layer to retrieve the same information. Listing 11-2. Retrieving a Post s Information Using Standard PHP < php $sql = "SELECT * FROM phpbb_posts WHERE post_id = 1234"; if($result != mysql_query($sql)) // check failure { echo "Problem querying the database"; } else { $postdata = mysql_fetch_array($result); echo "The post's title is " . $postdata['subject'] . "."; } >
The five Evolution modes work as follows: Mail: The e-mail component is at the heart of Evolution, and all the functions you might be used to are provided. Once the Mail mode is selected, at the top left of the program window, you ll find the mail folders. These include the Inbox and Sent folders, along with any other mail folders you create. On the right is the list of e-mail messages, and beneath this is the message preview pane, where the body of any message you select will be displayed. Above the message list is the search box, which works like most e-mail search routines: type the relevant word(s) and press Enter. Notable icons running along the top of the window include the New button, which will let you compose an e-mail message, and the Send/Receive button, which will download new messages and also send any messages in the Outbox folder.
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