datamatrix net examples USING THE F# AND .NET LIBRARIES in vb

Display DataMatrix in vb USING THE F# AND .NET LIBRARIES

The CaptureMouse and ReleaseMouseCapture Methods
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Creating the Sample Database
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This chapter described how to install software under Ubuntu. We ve looked at how this differs from Windows software installation, and how the Debian package management system is designed to make life easier. You learned how to use the Synaptic Package Manager to install software under the GUI, and how to use the dpkg and APT tools to install software at the command-line prompt. Finally, we looked at how programs can be compiled from their source code, which is a fundamental process for all versions of Linux. In the next chapter, we ll look at how to administer the user accounts on the Ubuntu system.
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Figure 8-7. The new Flex project, VerySimpleRemotingExample, in Flash Builder We also define a collection of persons that we call PeopleCollection. PeopleCollection contains Person objects. The object to represent these abstractions is created both in Java and AS3. Here is what the Java class looks like:
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AFP Tuning
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Now you must remove some code from the btnAssign_Click() event handler in the AddLead.xaml.cs file. The final implementation of this method is shown in Listing 14-4. Remove all code not listed here. Also, the ResumeBookmark() method should now pass the agent s name instead of the Lead class.
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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Using the PortalContext to Retrieve Information About the Portal
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This should provide you with output similar to the following:
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One extremely powerful feature of ARD lies in its ability to distribute package installers, send remote unix shell commands, and even copy files to machines. When copying files, ARD will attempt to utilize multicast for distribution, making distribution of files and packages to machines on the same subnet extremely efficient. To push installation of a package to multiple machines, simply select them in your scanner or list and select Install Packages. Here, you can install standard mkpg and pkg-based applications. You can deploy multiple packages at one time, they will execute in the order that they appear in the list. This makes it especially happy for pushing software installs and then subsequent updates all in one swoop. Figure 7-28 shows the GUI for remotely executing UNIX shell scripts via ARD s Send Unix Command.
While the high-level description of Silverlight as a browser plug-in that renders XAML and exposes a JavaScript programming model holds true, it leads to a number of questions around features and implications of building an application that uses such a plug-in. In order to answer these questions, consider some of the highlights of this plug-in: It is a cross-browser, cross-platform technology. The Silverlight plug-in is supported consistently on Windows with the Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers, and on Mac OS X with the Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox browsers. In addition to this, an open source version of Silverlight called Moonlight, sponsored by Novell as part of their Mono initiative, will support various Linux distros and browsers. The experience of rendering XAML and the programming model is consistent across all browsers and operating systems. The download is intended to be completely self-contained, small, and easy to install. For example, all audio/video codecs needed to view supported content are part of the download. Thus, you will not need Windows Media Player on Mac OS X to view WMV video with Silverlight. The graphics are vector based, meaning that they are small to download and can be changed without loss of fidelity. It is fully compatible with web technologies such as JavaScript and Ajax, allowing standard techniques and skills to be used to build Silverlight applications. The XAML DOM is fully open to the programmer so that UI elements can easily be added or removed from it while it is running. It has no server-side dependencies, so Silverlight applications can be delivered .NET, J2EE, PHP, and other server technologies. equally well from ASP
Extending the Sample
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