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Note File-based statistics report read requests and blocks read as two separate figures, similarly write requests and blocks written, while the session statistics report the number of blocks written and read with names that makes it look as if they were the number of I/O requests.
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have entered when you created your PGP key. Supply that password and click OK. At this point, the key has been signed and is now listed in the Trusted Keys tab.
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The following are the links listed under General Admin in the navigation pane: Backup Database: phpBB comes bundled with a backup feature that permits you to save the contents of your forums to a text file that can be easily restored by your database server. This is an extremely useful feature, as it saves you a trip into your server s database management software (for example, phpMyAdmin). Configuration: The Configuration panel is another workhorse as administration panels go, particularly during your initial setup phase. Here, you give your site a title, define user validation policy, set up avatars, and much, much more. You ll be using this panel to configure your phpBB installation in the next section of this chapter. Mass Email: If you want to do mass e-mailing to your user base or just a particular group of people on your board, you can use the Email panel to do just that. Restore Database: The natural counterpart to the Backup Database function, the Restore Database panel restores a backup you ve made to your database. It overwrites anything phpBB-related in your database, so be absolutely sure you want to restore a backup before initiating a restore operation. Smilies: You can use the Smilies panel to effortlessly add, remove, and modify the code for those infamous smilies that have become a staple of forums everywhere. Word Censors: The Word Censors panel allows you to specify words that you find inappropriate for your forum audience and replace them with something you ll find a little less objectionable.
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In the simplest case, you will just provide a basic default icon to display on the home screen or the Downloads/Applications folder. Follow these steps to assign an icon. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Right-click the project name in Eclipse and select Properties. Open BlackBerry Project Properties. Select the Resources tab. Click Add under the Icon files section. Navigate to the image you wish to add and select it. Note: Even though you can add multiple icons here, only the first one will be used for your application.
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Let s add a pushbutton to your controller that causes a ball to be served. Sure, you could easily do this by tapping the screen, but that wouldn t serve your learning function very much, would it At first glance, it seems like you re going to measure a value as you did in the previous section with the potentiometer, and return it to the app. Then, depending on that value, the app will either serve or not serve a ball. The problem here is that doing it the same way means that you have to constantly measure the switch value like you did with the knob. It might be simple, but it just seems like a lot of unnecessary work considering that the pushbutton will be pressed a lot more infrequently than the rate at which the knob will be rotated. There must be a better way. There is, and you ve talked about it already. The solution is to allow the pushbutton to interrupt your process whenever it is pressed. As an alternative to continually checking the value of an object, or polling, using interrupts allows the application to continue on with its business, then handle the interrupt whenever it occurs. By assigning a priority to the interrupt such that it takes precedence over all or most other functions when it occurs, the interrupt will be handled first. Appropriately, you call the function that deals with servicing the interrupt, an interrupt handler. Our accessory processor, therefore, must have the capability to handle external interrupts. As you ll see later, the processor of choice will be the Microchip PIC16LF1936 controller that supports externally triggered interrupts for your pushbutton. In addition, the PIC16LF1936 contains an analog-to-digital converter to read the measurements from the potentiometer discussed in the previous section and convert them to a format (digital) suitable for the iPhone application.
Figure 1-16. Your first website in action That s all there is to it. Of course, if this were a real sign-up website, you would have stored the information in a more permanent location such as in a database. Some of the concepts just covered may seem a little fuzzy right now. Don t worry! By the end of this book everything will be perfectly clear. You will be whipping up professional-looking websites with ease.
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