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private IObservable<IEvent<GetWeatherByZipCodeCompletedEventArgs>> GetWeatherSubject() { return Observable.FromEvent<svcWeather.GetWeatherByZipCodeCompletedEventArgs>(weatherClient, "GetWeatherByZipCodeCompleted"); } private void GetKeys() { if (_keys == null) { _keys = Observable.FromEvent<KeyEventArgs>(txtZipCode, "KeyUp").Throttle(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1)).DistinctUntilChanged(); } } The magic that makes the cancellations work appears in the next code snippet. Pay particularly close attention to the LINQ query; it establishes the relationship between the Observable collection for the KeyUp events and the Observable collection for the web service callbacks. Note that had Windows Phone 7 framework supported what is referred to as the Asynchronous pattern for web service calls (with the use of BeginXXX/EndXXX methods), you could have established a direct relationship between key sequences and web service invocations. However, with the following code, you have only a loose or indirect relationship between those two, since each subscription listens for any and all responses from the weather web service, and not just for specific ones. Right after the LINQ statement, there is a Switch() operator that instructs the application to dispose of the old subscription to the weather web service once there is a new key sequence awaiting in the _keys Observable collection. 9. Add the following code to the application:
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4. It is, of course, also possible to run your remoting solution using Application Center 2000 or thirdparty TCP/IP load-balancing appliances, but this is beyond the scope of this book.
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Summary of Parameter-Passing Semantics
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Figure 7 2. Security preferences for Safari
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<client> <wellknown type="VersionedSAO.SomeSAO, generated_meta_V1_0_0_1" url="http://localhost/VersionedSAO/MySAO.soap" /> </client> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration> When this client is started, you will see the output shown in Figure 8-10.
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The BizTalk Server MSMQ adapter allows easy access to messages in MSMQ queues (MSMQ versions 2.0 and 3.0). The adapter relies on the local MSMQ service, which must be installed on the same computer hosting the adapter. windows ce read barcode 128
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4. Run the application by pressing Ctrl+F5. Your results should appear as shown in Figure 2-7.
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A portlet application can track the user across multiple client requests for a portal page using sessions. Session tracking for portlets is similar to the session tracking used in the servlet API. For portlets, the portal is responsible for the mechanics of maintaining a session for the user across HTTP (which is a stateless protocol). The portal s session tracking could be done with HTTP cookies, URL rewriting, or another mechanism, but the portlet should not rely on or expect any particular method. A portlet in a portlet application can get access to the session through a PortletSession object. The PortletSession object is available through the portlet s request object. There are two getPortletSession() methods on the PortletRequest object used for retrieving portlets. You use the first method to access the portlet session for the user, if one already exists. If the user s session has not been created yet, this method will create the new session and return it:
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<% Iterator forumIterator = forumFactory.forums(); if( !forumIterator.hasNext() ) { %> <tr bgcolor="<%= forumTableFgcolor %>"> <td colspan="6" align="center"> <br> <span class="error"> Sorry, there are no forums in the YAZD system. Please have your forum administrator create some. </span> <br><br> </td> </tr> <% } java.text.DateFormat df = java.text.DateFormat.getDateInstance(java.text.DateFormat.SHORT); boolean forumLoaded = false; int forumCount = 0; while( forumIterator.hasNext() ) { Forum forum = (Forum); forumLoaded = true; int forumID = forum.getID(); String forumName = forum.getName(); String forumDescription = forum.getDescription(); int threadCount = forum.getThreadCount(); int messageCount = forum.getMessageCount(); String creationDate = df.format(forum.getCreationDate()); String modifiedDate = df.format(forum.getModifiedDate()); %>
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Third-party installable browsers have been popular on BlackBerry devices for years. They started making inroads when the official browser lagged behind in capabilities; a smaller portion of users install them now, but thanks to the increase in BlackBerry owners a growing number are turning to these alternative options. One of the most popular is Opera Mini, available at Unfortunately, you cannot integrate your app with third-party browser apps as you can with the native browser. You can t be sure that all your users will have a particular browser, and, even if they do, they do not offer as rich a set of APIs for interaction as you can find with the built-in browser. Still, it helps to be aware of the possibility for other browsers, especially if you are building a mobile web site and want to make sure all your visitors can view it properly. BES administrators and users may be interested in BlackBerry push content. This is a very specialized application of the browser that allows corporations to send web content directly to their users BlackBerry devices, where they can later view and use it. Pushing content requires some specialized server coding but no special support from the client. If you are interested in learning more, you can find a useful document on the BlackBerry web site called the BlackBerry Browser Content Developer s Guide. This includes sample code, information on the necessary headers, and how to configure your MDS environment.
between the parentheses are the actual properties you want to assign to this variable. When you write retain inside the parentheses, you re saying that you want this variable to use the retain/release mechanisms talked about earlier for the getter and setter. A different option here might be to use copy in place of retain. As for nonatomic, you use this value generally because you are writing single threaded code and you want it to run faster. If you set the property to atomic (as opposed to nonatomic), which is the default if you don t specify either, the synthesized code locks the variable so that reads and writes from different threads are serialized and you don t wind up with partially written values that can crash your system. Before moving on to the implementation file, add the following line:
Figure 11-9. Nautilus CD/DVD Creator and Brasero
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