Introduction to Services, Daemons, and Processes
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<%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="_Default" %> CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs"
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You can generate the parsers and lexers by calling fslex and fsyacc: fslex KittyLexer.fsl --unicode fsyacc KittyParser.fsy -module KittyParser
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File promise is a new API (URLFilePromise) that allows you to access resources at a certain URL and drag them out of the AIR application as a file promise into the local machine. File promise, as the name qr code rdlc
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var cs:ChannelSet = new ChannelSet(); var newChannel:Channel = new AMFChannel("my-amf", endpointUrl); cs.addChannel(newChannel); remoteObject.channelSet = cs;
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You next declared variables for the connection and data reader, so they re available to the rest of your code:
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handle the HTTP-POST from the form. Other initialization, such as configuring controls, retrieving database information, and so on, is usually done at this stage so that when the page is rendered, it is provided with all the information the user needs. It s important to note that Page_Load always fires, whether this is the first time the page has loaded or it is a postback. With the latter, you might expect it not to load, because the page is already loaded, but it does. Due to the stateless nature of web applications, each postback is treated as a new request to the page, and view state is used to maintain state between calls, as discussed earlier. As a developer, you may need to discern whether you are in a postback situation or an initial load situation, and ASP .NET provides this information for you via the IsPostBack property on the Page object. Thus, Page.IsPostBack will be true upon a postback and false on the first load. If there are actions that you only want to perform on either case, you can gate them inside an if(Page.IsPostBack) clause.
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Parallel query (or parallel execution as it became in 8i) is another feature of the Oracle database where a seemingly small change in the costing strategy produces a dramatic change in the cost calculations. The best place to see this is in our nice simple tablescan; and the change for this simple operation is so dramatic that you won t have any trouble believing how much difference it could make to a more complex query. Re-create the table from our first test, and run the following queries against it with autotrace enabled. Repeat the following queries in 8i, 9i, and 10g, first with system statistics disabled (script parallel.sql in the online code suite) and then using the system statistics defined earlier in the chapter (see script parallel_2.sql in the online code suite): select select select select select select select select /*+ /*+ /*+ /*+ /*+ /*+ /*+ /*+ parallel(t1,1) parallel(t1,2) parallel(t1,3) parallel(t1,4) parallel(t1,5) parallel(t1,6) parallel(t1,7) parallel(t1,8) */ */ */ */ */ */ */ */ count(*) count(*) count(*) count(*) count(*) count(*) count(*) count(*) from from from from from from from from t1; t1; t1; t1; t1; t1; t1; t1;
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Try It Out: LTRIM()
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Figure 3-9. HUD convert artwork to component drop down menu
few years. Specifically, the release of .NET introduced ASP.NET, and future improvements are on the way (such as Atlas13).
To invoke the RemoteObject component, you need to call the method inside the ColdFusion file and pass any needed arguments:
Introducing Drupal
appear in the notification area. When you want to disconnect, right-click this icon and select the relevant option. Following the initial setup, it makes sense to create a desktop shortcut for GNOME PPP. This can be done by clicking and dragging the icon from the menu to a convenient spot.
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