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Web services can access the SoapContext for either request or response SOAP messages using specialized classes called RequestSoapContext and ResponseSoapContext. These classes provide direct access to SOAP messages, and they support messages that are transported over different protocols, including the HTTP and TCP protocols. Each of the classes provides a static property called Current, which furnishes a reference to the SoapContext class. For request messages, the SoapContext class is accessed using
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public void Push(TKey newKey, TVal newVal) { keysArray[currentPos] = newKey; valsArray[currentPos] = newVal; currentPos++; } public Tuple<TKey, TVal> Pop() { currentPos -= 1; return new Tuple<TKey, TVal>(keysArray[currentPos], valsArray[currentPos]); } } In this example, TKey is constrained to being a class that implements IComparable<T> and TVal is constrained to being a struct. To define the second and subsequent constraints, you use the where keyword immediately after the previous constraint and declare the constraint you require.
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Figure 10-20. The Objects and Timeline pane in Expression Blend Once you click the plus sign, a dialog appears asking for a name for the storyboard. Give it the name rectangleAnimation. The user interface will change in several ways. First, a red outline will surround the design surface and the text Timeline recording is on will appear. Next, the timeline editor will open, as shown in Figure 10-21.
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If the pivot table being modified will expand, and if it needs space that s occupied by the other pivot table, you ll see that message. There s no setting you can change that will move the other pivot table, to accommodate the first pivot table. You could store each pivot table on a separate worksheet, and use multiple windows in the workbook to view them simultaneously: 1. To create a new window in the active workbook, on the Ribbon s View tab, in the Window group, click New Window. The title bar shows a number at the end of the file name, to indicate which window is active. 2. To view both windows simultaneously, on the Ribbon s View tab, in the Window group, click Arrange All. 3. Select Tiled, and add a check mark to Windows of Active Workbook, and then click OK. 4. In each window, activate one of the worksheets that contain a pivot table. With this arrangement you can see the pivot tables side by side, but they won t overlap if one of the pivot tables is modified.
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namespace SQLAzureConnect { public class SQLDataAccessComponent : IDisposable { #region Private Fields static protected SqlConnection _connection = null; private const Int32 COMMAND_TIMEOUT = 60; private SqlTransaction _transaction; protected string _SQL_CONNECTION_STRING = string.Empty; #endregion #region Constructors/Destructors /// <summary> /// Default Contstructor
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device.DrawUserPrimitives<VertexPositionColor> (PrimitiveType.TriangleFan, vertices, 0, 10);
Parameter Type
enableRedrawRegions: This should not be used with production applications! If this is set to true, the regions that are being redrawn are specially highlighted. initParams: This is used to communicate initialization parameters to Silverlight that can be accessed from an application. Properties are comma-separated, and the property value is separated by an equal sign from the property name. maxFrameRate: This defaults to 60. Integer value specifying an upper limit for the frame rate (the actual frame rate might be lower than what is requested). onError: This is mandatory. It specifies a JavaScript event handler to handle exceptions from the hosted Silverlight application. onLoad: This specifies a JavaScript event handler invoked when the root XAML file has completed loading. onResize: This specifies a JavaScript event handler that is invoked when the Silverlight plug-in s ActionWidth or ActualHeight property is changed. onSourceDownloadComplete: This is invoked when the application specified in the Source parameter has finished downloading. onSourceDownloadProgressChanged: This is invoked periodically while the Silverlight application is downloading in order to report download progress. Source: This is mandatory. Specifies the URI to the XAP file containing the Silverlight application. splashScreenSource: This specifies the URI to a XAML file to show a splash screen while the Silverlight application is downloading. windowless: This defaults to false. Only applies to Silverlight running on Windows. Set it to true to run Silverlight as a windowless plug-in. The other important aspects of this specific OBJECT tag are the links that provide direction to a user who does not have the Silverlight plug-in installed. The URLs corresponding to installer packages for each version of Silverlight are shown in Table 17-2. Table 17-2. Installer URLs for Silverlight Versions
Staging deployment (shown in Figure 9-9) is the step where an application runs in pre-production. In this status the application should be fully functional. This provides an opportunity for you to do testing and final tuning in the remote cloud environment. If the application has never been deployed before, then when the Deploy button is pressed the application will be given Staging status and should be fully functional. Revisit this page after testing and deploy the application from Staging to Production as Figure 9-13 shows.
Figure 4-15. Enlarging the BoundingSphere yields the same result.
The Problem
Explicit Reference Conversions
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