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Tip It may be initially confusing to think about the concept of DB time per second. How can you normalize time
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You cannot use keywords as identifiers; keywords are reserved words that have special meaning in C# and are discussed later in this section. For example, the word class is a keyword, meaning that you cannot use the word class as an identifier. You can combine keywords with other words, however for example, MyClass is allowed.
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Obviously, there are serious issues with giving other people access to the application s database especially read-write access. Unless all the business logic is put into stored procedures, this sort of access can t be provided safely. Likewise, there are issues with providing direct access to the business objects. This is safer in some ways, because the objects implement the business logic and validation, but it s problematic from a maintenance perspective. If other people are writing code to interact directly with the business objects, then the objects can t be changed without breaking their code. Since the other people are outside of your control, it means that the Project Tracker application can never change its object model. Of course, this is totally unrealistic. It is a virtual guarantee that there will be future enhancements and requests for changes to the system, which will undoubtedly require changes to the business objects. Fortunately, XML services offer a clean solution. If XML services are treated just like any another interface (albeit a programmatic one) to the application, they can be used to easily provide access to the application without allowing external programs to interact directly with the application s database or business objects. In 21, I ll revisit these ideas, showing how to implement a set of XML services using WCF so that external applications can safely interact with the application in a loosely coupled manner.
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The preceding output indicates that 23 blocks for the table T1 were in the process of being read into the buffer cache, 4,112 consistent read copies of various blocks for the table were in the buffer cache, 38,895 blocks that had been used for buffering blocks for the table T1 were at the time of the capture available for reuse by other objects blocks, and 80,968 blocks were in exclusive mode (the current mode version of the data blocks). Grouping on FILE# and BLOCK# may also prove to be helpful when examining a range of blocks belonging to the object in this case, the first couple of blocks including the segment header block. For example: FILE# BLOCK# STATUS CNT ------ --------- ------- ---7 1289609 xcur 1 7 1289610 cr 1 7 1289610 xcur 1 7 1289611 cr 207 7 1289611 xcur 1 7 1289612 cr 4 7 1289612 xcur 1 7 1289613 cr 4 7 1289613 xcur 1 7 1289614 cr 4 7 1289614 xcur 1 The preceding output shows that most of the blocks in the selected block range had a single xcur version and four consistent read copies, except for block 1289611 (the segment header block), which at the time had 207 consistent read copies in the buffer cache. The _DB_BLOCK_MAX_CR_DBA hidden parameter defaults to a value of 6 in recent releases, and should have limited the number of consistent read copies to no more than six per block. Thus Oracle may have encountered a special condition, such as many sessions attempting to simultaneously insert into the table, causing the table to rapidly increase in size. In this case, many sessions may have needed to apply undo to block 1289611 to produce a version of the block that showed only committed changes in the block as of a specific system change number (SCN) required by the session. With the preceding information, a possible investigation should follow to determine whether the relatively high activity for the table T1 is expected. If it is not expected, the execution plans that reference this table should be examined. If the query of V$SYSSTAT showed that there were a greater number of sorts to disk, and that the number continued to steadily increase, it would be beneficial to check V$SESSTAT to determine the sessions responsible for the increasing number of sorts to disk. Also helpful is a check of the V$TEMPSEG_USAGE view, which provides details related to in-process temp tablespace usage. Here s an example of a query to check that view: SQL> SELECT /*+ ORDERED */ 2 TU.USERNAME, S.SID, S.SERIAL#, S.SQL_ID, S.SQL_ADDRESS, TU.SEGTYPE, 3 TU.EXTENTS, TU.BLOCKS, SQL.SQL_TEXT 4 FROM 5 V$TEMPSEG_USAGE TU, V$SESSION S, V$SQL SQL 6 WHERE 7 TU.SESSION_ADDR=S.SADDR 8 AND TU.SESSION_NUM=S.SERIAL# 9 AND S.SQL_ID=SQL.SQL_ID 10 AND S.SQL_ADDRESS=SQL.ADDRESS;
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<div class="demoheading">CascadingDropDown Demonstration</div> <table> <tr> <td>Make</td> <td><asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" Width="170" /> </td> </tr> <tr> <td>Model</td> <td><asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList2" runat="server" Width="170" /> </td> </tr> <tr>
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Enhancements in 2.0
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When a user control is closed, it needs to notify MainForm so that the control can be gracefully removed from the list of active user controls. To do this, WinPart declares an event and implements a Close() method: Public Event CloseWinPart As EventHandler Protected Sub Close() RaiseEvent CloseWinPart(Me, EventArgs.Empty) End Sub This way, the UI code in the user control can call the Close() method to close the user control. Raising the CloseWinPart event tells MainForm to remove the control from the active list and dispose the user control.
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timeval is defined in C as a structure (struct). In the C programming language, you
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extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) void __stdcall f(bool b) { if (b) fManaged(); else fNative(); } void __stdcall fNative() { printf("fNative called\n"); } This code exports a native function void __stdcall f(bool b). Since the compiler flag /clr is not used here, all code in Lib2NativeParts.cpp is compiled to native code. Depending on the argument passed, f internally calls fManaged or fNative. Both functions can be called because they both have the native calling convention __stdcall. In this sample, fManaged is defined in a separate file Lib2ManagedParts.cpp: // Lib2ManagedParts.cpp // compile with "cl /clr /LD lib2ManagedParts.cpp " (continued in next line) // "/link /out:Lib2.dll lib2NativeParts.obj" void __stdcall fManaged() { System::Console::WriteLine("fManaged called\n"); } As you can see from the comment at the beginning of the file, Lib2NativeParts.obj and Lib2ManagedParts.obj are linked into a DLL named Lib2.dll. When a native client calls the exported function f, there is no need to start the CLR, because f is a native function. When the
The dynamic editable root stereotype is virtually identical to the editable root stereotype, with one slight twist. Remember that this stereotype is designed to create the child objects contained within a dynamic editable collection. While these editable objects are saved individually, they are loaded all at once by the parent collection.
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