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How to Use Tablespace Encryption
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Saving or Copying Text and Graphics
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Declaring a simple generic class is much like declaring a regular class, with the following differences: Place a matching set of angle brackets after the class name. Between the angle brackets, place a comma-separated list of the placeholder strings that represent the types, to be supplied on demand. These are called type parameters. Use the type parameters throughout the body of the declaration of the generic class to represent the types that should be substituted in. For example, the following code declares a generic class called SomeClass. The type parameters are listed between the angle brackets, and then used throughout the body of the declaration as if they were real types. Type parameters class SomeClass < T1, T2 > { Normally, types would be used in these positions. public T1 SomeVar = new T1(); public T2 OtherVar = new T2(); } Normally, types would be used in these positions. There is no special keyword that flags a generic class declaration. The presence of the type parameter list distinguishes a generic class declaration from a regular class declaration.
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copy of the main pivot table and stored on a hidden sheet. In your GetPivotData formulas, refer to this hidden pivot table. Users can change the layout of the main pivot table, and it won t affect your GetPivotData formula results.
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Note Using the Refresh All command also refreshes all external data ranges in the active workbook, and
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Wait for Field Change in Current Item
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A fast way to check for this is by taking the dot product between both directions. A value close to 1 means a very small angle between both directions, while smaller values indicate larger angles. To determine whether the angle is not too large, you check whether the dot product is not smaller than a threshold value, stored in xConeAngle. If the pixel is inside the cone, you calculate the lighting factor, called shading. To weaken the lighting effect close to the borders of the cone, you take the coneDot value to the power specified in xConeDecay. As a result, the coneDot value that equals or is smaller than 1 will become smaller for pixels that are far off the center direction of the cone (see the right image in Figure 6-11). Pixels that are outside the cone will get a shading value of 0, so the light will have no impact on those pixels.
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