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Performance Considerations
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Silent Installer for Silverlight Out-of-Browser Applications
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The discussion so far has focused mainly on architectures: logical architectures that define the separation of responsibilities in an application, and physical architectures that define the locations where the logical layers will run in various configurations. I ve also discussed the use of object-oriented design and the concepts behind mobile objects. Although all of these are important and must be thought through in detail, you really don t want to have to go through this process every time you need to build an application. It would be preferable to have the architecture and design solidified into reusable code that could be used to build all your
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4.20. Removing Conditional Formatting
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CHAPTER 28: Troubleshooting
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Other Methods
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Listing 8-8. The using Statements for Our Solution using using using using using using System.Xml; System.Windows.Forms; System.Drawing.Design; System.Windows.Forms.Design; Microsoft.SharePoint; System.IO;
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leveraged by Windows Forms and Web applications distributed across several North American locations. Web Service extensions are leveraged to encrypt authentication and sensitive data on the wire.
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The Brightkite iPhone-optimized web application was well received by Brightkite users as a superior way to utilize the service via a touch interface versus sending SMS commands. The simple, iPhone-like interface offered many features found on the standard Brightkite web site. However, despite being impressed by the web application, users noted a few shortcomings with two of the major functions of the service: checking in and posting a photo. For example, the process of location selection could be time consuming. Although placemarks (one of Brightkite s shortcuts) enabled users to bookmark places for future posting, the initial process of searching for and choosing a place to check in or post a note was a lengthy affair. Posting a photo was even more difficult and involved multiple iPhone applications plus the Brightkite web application. A user would first take a picture with the Camera application and then use Mail to send the photo to a special e-mail address provided by Brightkite (via the web application), where the Brightkite backend would associate it with a specific post. Earlier, I mentioned another major activity on Brightkite: the activity streams. From a user experience perspective, activity streams worked fairly well with the web application. There were a few tricks and challenges to overcome in implementing the streams in the native application, but I ll explain more about that later. In March 2008, Apple announced the iPhone SDK, which allowed developers to build native iPhone applications with the same tools and frameworks that Apple used with their built-in ones. The SDK s feature set provided Brightkite with the means to improve the overall experience of core functionality, such as checking in and posting photos, as well as to develop further innovations to drive the service forward.
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Application running in Hebrew (he) culture
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A first challenge lies in specifying which object of your 3D scene will occupy a certain pixel of the final image. When going from 3D space to 2D window space, there can be multiple objects that you want displayed on the same pixel, as shown in Figure 2-3. A pixel on your 2D window corresponds to a ray of points in your 3D world, which is explained in more detail in recipe 4-14. For one pixel, this ray is shown as the dotted line in Figure 2-3, which hits two objects. In this case, the pixel should obviously get the color of object A, since object A is closer to the camera than object B.
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By default, error values are displayed in a pivot table. You can hide the errors by changing the PivotTable Options, so blank cells appear instead of the errors: 1. Right-click a cell in the pivot table, and in the context menu, click PivotTable Options. 2. In the PivotTable Options dialog box, click the Layout & Format tab. 3. In the Format section, add a check mark to For Error Values Show (see Figure 4-9).
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