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public int Period { get { return this.period; } set { if (value <= 0) throw new ArgumentOutOfRangeException("value", "Period must be a positive number of ms."); this.period = value; if (this.timer != null) this.timer.Change(0, value); } } } }
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The PropertyInfoManager is responsible for managing all the properties that have been registered for each business object type using the RegisterProperty() method. This type is found in the Csla.Core. FieldManager namespace. Each time RegisterProperty() is called, it is associating an IPropertyInfo object with a specific business object type. For each business object type, PropertyInfoManager maintains a list of IPropertyInfo objects that describe the properties registered for that type. This means that it also has a list of all the business object types, which is maintained in a Dictionary, as you can see in the PropertyInfoManager code: private static Dictionary<Type, List<IPropertyInfo>> _propertyInfoCache; This Dictionary is indexed by a Type object, representing the type of each business object with registered properties. The value is a List of IPropertyInfo objects, each containing metadata about a property registered to that type.
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DependencyObject Binding
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Now that you have configured your environment, you are ready to modify the StockTrader application. You are going to begin by securing the service, just like we did in the previous samples. 1. In the StockTraderSecure project, open the WSE 3.0 Settings Tool. 2. In the Policy tab, click the Add button. Name this policy KerberosPolicy and click OK. 3. Click Next in the welcome screen. 4. In the Authentication Settings step, choose to secure a service application using Windows as the authentication method. Click Next to continue. 5. Add the user or users that will be authorized to access this service. Make sure that you add the domain account you used to log on to your computer. Click Next when you finish adding the authorized accounts. 6. In the Message Protection step, choose to Sign and Encrypt the message and uncheck the Establish Secure Session box. Click Next to continue. 7. Review the summary information of the new security policy, shown in Figure 7-9, and click Finish.
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Figure 5-29. A brick has thousands of surfaces, all with a different normal. Instead of rendering your bricks using hundreds of triangles as on the left of Figure 5-29, you are going to render them with just two triangles as on the right of that image. In each pixel of these two triangles, you are going to change the default normal a bit. This will cause all the pixels to get a different lighting and thus a different color. Therefore, bump mapping will add a lot of realism if the position of the brick or the light direction changes. To get the best effects, you don t want to just add random changes to the normals in the pixels, but you want to change it in a correct way, such as the normals indicated on the right side of Figure 5-29. Notice that the normals on the right side of Figure 5-29 are the same as those on the left side. Usually, the X, Y, and Z coordinates of each deviated normal are saved into the R, G, and B channels of a second image, called the bump map (or normal map) of the texture.
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CorrelationToken TaskId
Object Creation Without Defaults
Here is the TerrainContent class, capable of storing all the data you need to instantiate a fully working Terrain object: public class TerrainContent { VertexBufferContent vbc; IndexCollection ic; BasicMaterialContent bmc; TextureContent grass; float[,] heightData; public public public public public VertexBufferContent VertexBufferCont { get { return vbc; } } IndexCollection IndexCollection { get { return ic; } } BasicMaterialContent BasicMaterialCont { get { return bmc; } } TextureContent GrassTexture { get { return grass; } } float[,] HeightData { get { return heightData; } }
Writing Simple .NET Applications
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