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cm.Parameters["@pub_id"].Value.ToString(); = cm.Parameters["@pub_name"].Value.ToString(); cm.Parameters["@city"].Value.ToString(); cm.Parameters["@state"].Value.ToString(); = cm.Parameters["@country"].Value.ToString();
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Configuring SQL Server 2005
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The interface definition classes are decorated with XML serialization attributes that bind the classes to specific namespaces, attributes, and elements in the XSD schema file. Consider, for example, the following: [return: XmlElement("Quote", Namespace = "")] public abstract Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol); This unambiguously states that the RequestQuote operation returns an object of type Quote, as qualified in the namespace. In fact, this namespace is documented liberally throughout the IDC file. It can never appear too often because XML messages must be as unambiguous as possible. XML and SOAP serialization attributes give you direct control over the way in which the XML messages get serialized within the request and response SOAP messages. You should always set the SoapDocumentMethod reflection attribute to use bare encoding for parameters. This ensures that complex types (such as Quote) remain serialized as elements within the SOAP message: [WebMethod()] [SoapDocumentMethod(Use=SoapBindingUse.Literal, ParameterStyle=SoapParameterStyle.Bare)] public abstract Quote RequestQuote(string Symbol); If you do not use bare encoding, complex types may end up serialized as attributes, which may interfere with schema validation. This is known as wrapped encoding. Bare encoding looks like this <Quote> <Symbol>MSFT</Symbol> </Quote> decode barcode qr
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We are ready to bind the inputs to this query. Any non-NULL names that were passed to us will be bound to the query, so when we execute it, it finds the right row: 55 56 57 58 59 bind_variable( bind_variable( bind_variable( bind_variable( p_name1, p_name2, p_name3, p_name4, p_bind1 p_bind2 p_bind3 p_bind4 ); ); ); );
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You can combine the LINQ XML API with LINQ query expressions to produce simple yet powerful XML tree searches. The following code creates a simple XML tree, displays it to the screen, and then saves it to a file called SimpleSample.xml. Although there s nothing new in this code, we ll use this XML tree in the following examples. static void Main( ) { XDocument xd = new XDocument( new XElement("MyElements", new XElement("first", new XAttribute("color", new XAttribute("size", new XElement("second", new XAttribute("color", new XAttribute("size", new XElement("third", new XAttribute("color", new XAttribute("size", Console.WriteLine(xd); xd.Save("SimpleSample.xml"); } This code produces the following output: <MyElements> <first color="red" size="small" /> <second color="red" size="medium" /> <third color="blue" size="large" /> </MyElements>
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The ApplyWriteRules() method is similar to ApplyReadRules() but takes a slightly different approach. In this case, users may be able to view the data, but they certainly can t be allowed to edit the data. If the control implements a ReadOnly property, then it can be set to false; otherwise, the control must be entirely disabled through the use of its Enabled property.
Console.WriteLine("{0}", inVal); } static void Main() { Program pr = new Program(); pr.Count(3); } } This code produces the following output: 1 2 3
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