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Expression Statements
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Pulling out these nouns, along with those that are likely to be just data fields (such as project name and employee ID), you can come up with a smaller list of likely business objects, allowing you to start creating a basic class diagram or organizing the classes using CRC cards. Table 3-2 lists the high-level CRC data for each potential object.
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Types of Conversions
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Figure 33-13. The completed WPF program
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If a particular SQL statement or a group of SQL statements have been identified that perform poorly while other SQL statements perform well, or a session runs slowly with most of the time spent on the execution of a particular SQL statement, then inefficient SQL processing has likely been identified. The inefficient SQL statement might have been identified by running custom tests or benchmarks, eventually triggered by end-user complaints, Statspack/AWR/ADDM reports that showed the SQL as part of the Top SQL or bottleneck categories, or an apparent hang where a lot of CPU time and/or I/O resources were consumed. Inefficient SQL statements might appear after structural changes to a schema (caused by an application upgrade, for example), changes to the object or system statistics, changes to the data volume (typically an increase, but possibly also a decrease), changes to the application logic (for example, caused by an application upgrade), or a database upgrade (particularly noteworthy is the upgrade from a previous release to Oracle 10.1 or later because of the various changes to the optimizer and statistics management introduced in Oracle 10.1).
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Membership Provider using the .NET 2.0 Framework SDK Documentation.
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oi, j);
InitializeComponent(); } } }
The output shown in Listing 15-13 is slightly corrupted by special nonprintable characters. The corruption is simply caused by the terminal used in the example. The data shown below the INSERT statement contains the credit card details from the database table, including credit card numbers in an encrypted form. Both this export file and the file cards.lis shown in Listing 15-12 are world readable. This means any person logging on to the server can read the credit card numbers in clear text for the cards.lis file shown in Listing 15-12 or as encrypted text of the export file shown in Listing 15-13. The exposure of data on the server clearly must be resolved by removing the data and also addressing the administrative processes that allowed the data to be removed from the database. Locations to check on the server for suspicious files that may contain data should include any directories pointed at by directory objects within the database itself, or by the utl_file_dir parameter, or by locations identified by Java JVM privileges. Add to that list all server users home directories, common Oracle software directories such as $ORACLE_HOME/bin, /network/admin, and more. Then add all key application directories. A final example of an area of concern is that all SQL statements also end up in the SGA of the database. If the SQL statements include inserting data or are in SELECT statements that have a SQL WHERE clause that includes a credit card number, or alternately an UPDATE statement has a WHERE clause that includes a credit card number, then these SQL statements would also expose credit card details. Any SQL statements that include credit card details must also be protected. Even if bind variables are used in statements that could include credit card details, the contents of bind variables can still be found within the SGA. First search the SGA for SQL text that may include credit card numbers. Listing 15-14 shows how to do that. Listing 15-14. Locating Credit Card Numbers in the SGA SQL> select sql_id,sql_text 2 from v$sqltext 3 where sql_id in( 4 select sql_id 5 from v$sqltext 6 where upper(sql_text) like "%PAN%") 7 order by sql_id,piece 8 / SQL_ID SQL_TEXT ------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------01fxrwu6vzngy select table_name,column_name,owner from dba_tab_columns where c 01fxrwu6vzngy olumn_name = "PAN" 080na0k5tahm5 select sql_id,sql_text from v$sqltext where sql_id in( select sq 080na0k5tahm5 l_id from v$sqltext where upper(sql_text) like "%PAN%") order by 080na0k5tahm5 sql_id,piece {output snipped for space considerations} 1v55cbq0g3v3d insert into credit_card(name_on_card,first_name,last_name,pan) v 1v55cbq0g3v3d alues ("Eric Finnigan","Eric","Finnigan",orablog_crypto.encrypt(
s Note
Oracle does do two types of block gets when processing a modification statement. It performs Consistent reads: When finding the rows to modify Current reads: When getting the block to actually update the row of interest
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