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Typically, the parent parameter will be strongly typed based on the class of the parent object itself.
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At this step you need to provide the path for both the compiled package file and the configuration package file, as Figure 9-10 shows.
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ASP.NET MVC and Security
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Add this new class to your pipeline project, and make sure you put the code outside your Processor class: [ContentTypeWriter] public class TriangleTypeWriter : ContentTypeWriter<Triangle> { protected override void Write(ContentWriter output, Triangle value) { output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P0); output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P1); output.WriteObject<Vector3>(value.P2); } public override string GetRuntimeReader(TargetPlatform targetPlatform) { return typeof(TriangleTypeReader).AssemblyQualifiedName; } } The first two lines indicate to your pipeline that you will be defining a ContentTypeWriter that knows how to serialize objects of the Triangle class. You first need to override the Write method, which will receive each Triangle object that needs to be saved. This array is passed to the Write method as the value argument. The output variable contains a ContentWriter object that allows you to save to the binary file. When coding a TypeWriter for a certain object, you should first think what you need to store about this object, allowing you to re-create the object when it should be loaded from the binary file at program startup. Next, you need to break down the object into more simple objects, until you end up with objects that the content pipeline knows how to serialize. In the case of a Triangle, storing the three Vector3s will enable you to re-create the Triangle afterward. You re in luck, because the content pipeline already knows how to serialize Vector3s, so the Write method simply breaks the Triangle down into three Vector3s and serializes them.
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Figure 1-11. Business logic deployed with only the UI
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What this does is turn your private variable into a public variable, and it also creates getters and setters for it, as shown in the following code: namespace OOP {
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Helper method to declare a page-level array. Accepts two strings, the array name, and the array declaration. When the page renders, these strings do a little bit of code generation to wrap the array in a script block and initialize it. Generates a client-side script function call to do an out-ofband asynchronous callback to the server on a background thread of the browser. See the Out-of-Band Callbacks section that follows for details. Accepts two strings, the first being a name for the script block, and the second being a string containing the script you want added to the page. Dynamically generate this string, load it from the database, or load it from some other source of persistence. Accepts two strings, a name for the registration, and the name of the JavaScript file to include. Script includes give you a clean separation of the script from your markup, and allows the browser to cache a script file used from several pages, reducing total page size.
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Overload a method.
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{Binding properties} save images vectors
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what has been affectionately termed a zombie. For information about ways to deal with that devious situation, see the MSDN article at
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