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However, once this part is done, the updated business object is returned to the client, and the UI must update its references to use the newly updated object instead, as shown in Figure 2-19. This is fine, too but it s important to keep in mind that you can t continue to use the old business object; you must update all object references to use the newly updated object. Figure 2-20 is a UML sequence diagram that shows the overall update process.
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The Physical Model
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The pessimistic locking method would be put into action the instant before a user modifies a value on the screen. For example, a row lock would be placed as soon as the user indicates his intention to perform an update on a specific row that he has selected and has visible on the screen (by clicking a button on the screen, say). That row lock would persist until the application applied the users" modifications to the row in the database and committed. Pessimistic locking is useful only in a stateful or connected environment that is, one where your application has a continual connection to the database and you are the only one using that connection for at least the life of your transaction. This was the prevalent way of doing things in the early to mid 1990s with client/server applications. Every application would get a direct connection to the database to be used solely by that application instance. This method of connecting, in a stateful fashion, has become less common (though it is not extinct), especially with the advent of application servers in the mid to late 1990s. Assuming you are using a stateful connection, you might have an application that queries the data without locking anything: scott%ORA11GR2> select empno, ename, sal from emp where deptno = 10; EMPNO ---------7782 7839 7934 ENAME SAL ---------- ---------CLARK 2450 KING 5000 MILLER 1300
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Custom authentication
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Look at the elapsed wall-clock time for the snapshot interval. The elapsed time provides an insight as to whether the report will be reliable for resolving the problem specified: how does it compare to the duration of the problem If the problem is characterized by a small spike (for example, 10 minutes), and yet the elapsed interval is long (for example, 2 hours), then the data in this report may not be sufficient to
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Before getting into the code structure for the business objects, it s worth spending some time to understand the life cycle of those objects. By life cycle, I mean the sequence of methods and events that occur as the object is created and used. Although it isn t always possible to predict the business properties and methods that might exist on an object, there s a set of steps that occur during the lifetime of every business object. Typically, an object is created by UI code, whether that s WPF, Windows Forms, Web Forms, a WCF service, or a Windows Workflow Foundation activity. Sometimes an object may be created by another object, which will happen when there s a using relationship between objects, for instance.
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Listing 13-15 shows the corresponding source file containing the main method. Listing 13-15. Using Your Message Box Class // native_message_box.cpp #include "native_message_box_class.h" int main() { MessageBoxClass* messageBox = new MessageBoxClass( L"Do you like this example ", L"Native message box", static_cast<MessageBoxType>(YESNOCANCEL | ICONASTERISK)); int result = messageBox->Display(); wchar_t wstr[1024]; swprintf_s( wstr, L"The dialog result was %d", result); messageBox->SetMessage(wstr); messageBox->SetType(OK); messageBox->Display(); } Try recompiling the code in Listing 13-15 with the /clr option. It works fine. You can also use the /clr:pure option in this case. As you ve seen before, the Windows headers and the CRT are both supported in pure mode. Whether you compile with /clr or not, the link command line is the same, and the executable looks similar, but they are in fact very different. Once you ve recompiled, if you want to expose the native libraries to other managed assemblies, you need to write a wrapper layer. The wrapper layer is compiled into the same assembly as the recompiled native code. Listing 13-16 shows a wrapper layer for the message box example. The code in this listing uses the marshaling library to simplify the conversions. Listing 13-16. Wrapping Your Message Box Class // message_box_wrapper.cpp #include "native_message_box_class.h" #include <vcclr.h> using namespace System; enum class MessageBoxTypeEnum { OK, OKCANCEL, ABORTRETRYIGNORE, YESNOCANCEL, YESNO, RETRYCANCEL, CANCELTRYCONTINUE, ICONHAND = 0x10, ICONQUESTION = 0x20,
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Enables you to declaratively bind to an Access database file (MDB). Enables you to bind to an object model. Specialized XML format that describes the structure and hierarchy of your site. Used for binding to the site navigation controls. Allows for binding to relational data sources. Used to bind to an XML document.
CHAPTER 29: Your iTunes User Guide
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