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One of the newest additions to the .NET Framework Library is the Task Parallel Library (TPL), a set of classes that makes parallel programming simpler and easier than ever before. This chapter covers what parallel programming is and how to use some of the core features of the TPL. Table 24-1 provides the summary for this chapter. Producing simple parallel programs is easy using the TPL, but more complex programs require more in-depth knowledge of parallel programing concepts and the features of the TPL. In addition to this book, I have also written Pro .NET 4 Parallel Programming in C# (Apress), which is dedicated to parallel programming using C# and the TPL; it includes much more in-depth coverage than I can provide in this chapter. Table 24-1. Quick Problem/Solution Reference for 24
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An explicit conversion is required when converting from one numeric type to another may affect the value that is stored. To make an explicit conversion, you use the cast expression, for example: int i = 20; byte b = (byte)i; In these statements, I define an int and then cast it to a byte, thereby performing an explicit conversion. Table 5-6 summarizes the supported explicit numeric conversions. Table 5-6. Explicit Numeric Type Converions
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Thread.Sleep(1000); } } protected override void OnStop() { bDone = true; } } After compiling this assembly, you ll need to install it on the server using a command-line tool that ships with the Framework: InstallUtil.exe, which executes the Install method implemented on the ServiceBase class to configure your type as a Windows Service (see Figure 8-7).
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Note With Visual Studio 2010 and April 2010 version of Silverlight Toolkit, the test results coverage file name is based on the class library. The naming convention is <ClassLibraryName>.Coverage.xml. In this case, it will be ValidationLibrary.Coverage.xml.
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import*; import*; public class FileURL { public static void main(String args[]) throws MalformedURLException { Console console = System.console(); File file = new File("The End"); URL url1 = file.toURL(); URL url2 = file.toURI().toURL(); console.printf("Bad url %s%n", url1); console.printf("Good url %s%n", url2); } }
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It s a rare thing to be able to design a database specifically for an application. More often than not, the databases already exist, and developers must deal with their existing design. At best, you might be able to add some new tables or columns. This is one reason why ORM is a key concept for object-oriented development. The object model designed earlier in the chapter matches the business requirements without giving any consideration to the database design. An important step in the development process is to create code that translates the data from the databases into the objects, and vice versa. That code will be included in 8 as the business objects are implemented. In this chapter, let s create a database for use by the project-tracking application. One thing to note is that even though the database is created specifically for this application, the data model will not match the object model exactly. A good relational model and a good object model are almost never the same thing.
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To make SmartDate as similar to DateTime as possible, it needs to overload the operators that are overloaded by DateTime, including equality, comparison, addition, and subtraction.
Compile the code, and you should find that the elephants are sorted by weight; however, if you try this code in VS2008, you will find it will not compile.
Figure 18-15 shows the conversion conditions for converting from floating-point types to decimal. If the value is too small to be represented by the decimal type, the result is set to 0. If the value is too large, the CLR raises an OverflowException exception.
LINQ and Projection
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