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Listing 6-1. Service Contract and Data Contract Definition for WCF Service IPublishEventService using System; using System.ServiceModel; namespace SoftnetSolutions.RelayService.PublishChannel { [ServiceContract( Name = "IPublishEventService", Namespace = "http://SoftnetSolutions.RelayService/")] public interface IPublishEventService { [OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)] void PostMessage(PostData postData); } public interface IRelayPublishEventService : IPublishEventService, IClientChannel { } using using using using System; System.ServiceModel; System.Runtime.Serialization; System.Text;
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Project Maintenance
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Rendering Multiple Triangles Using a TriangleFan
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object implementations as well) is the database itself. The front ends to the data change almost yearly, and as they do, the applications that have all of the security built inside themselves, not in the database, become obstacles, roadblocks to future progress. The Oracle database provides a feature called fine-grained access control (FGAC). In a nutshell, this technology allows developers to embed procedures in the database that can modify queries as they are submitted to the database. This query modification is used to restrict the rows the client will receive or modify. The procedure can look at who is running the query, when they are running the query, what application is requesting the data, what terminal they are running the query from, and so on, and can constrain access to the data as appropriate. With FGAC, we can enforce security such that, for example: Any query executed outside of normal business hours by a certain class of users returns zero records. Any data can be returned to a terminal in a secure facility but only non-sensitive information can be returned to a remote client terminal.
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string lastName = (string) row["LastName"]; string city = (string) row["City"]; You can see that I have obtained the values of the FirstName, LastName, and City columns and cast the results to string values. As an alternative, you can take advantage of the Field<T> extension method in the System.Data.DataRowExtensions methods class to get strongly typed access to row values, like this:
When you create a class that is derived from a generic class, you have a choice about how to handle the parameterized types. In this section, I ll show you the two approaches and explain when you are likely to want to use each of them.
the Safari button.
get trained in the database and, basically, that they shouldn t have to know anything about the database. Why Well, more than once I ve heard ... but Oracle is the most scalable database in the world, my people don t have to learn about it, it ll just work. That s true; Oracle is the most scalable database in the world. However, I can write bad code that does not scale in Oracle as easily if not more easily as I can write good, scalable code in Oracle. You can replace Oracle with any piece of software and the same is true. This is a fact: it is easier to write applications that perform poorly than it is to write applications that perform well. It is sometimes too easy to build a single-user system in the world s most scalable database if you don t know what you are doing. The database is a tool and the improper use of any tool can lead to disaster. Would you take a nutcracker and smash walnuts with it as if it were a hammer You could, but it wouldn t be a proper use of that tool and the result would be a mess (and probably some seriously hurt fingers). Similar effects can be achieved by remaining ignorant of your database. I was called into a project that was in trouble. The developers were experiencing massive performance issues it seemed their system was serializing many transactions, that is so instead of many people working concurrently, everyone was getting into a really long line and waiting for everyone in front of them to complete. The application architects walked me through the architecture of their system the classic 3-tier approach. They would have a web browser talk to a middle tier application server running Java Server Pages (JSPs). The JSPs would in turn utilize another layer Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) that did all of the SQL. The SQL in the EJBs was generated by some third-party tool and was done in a database-independent fashion. Now, in this system it was very hard to diagnose anything, as none of the code was instrumented or traceable. Instrumenting code is the fine art of making every other line of developed code be debug code of some sort so when you are faced with performance or capacity or even logic issues, you can track down exactly where the problem is. In this case, we could only locate the problem somewhere between the browser and the database in other words, the entire system was suspect. The Oracle database is heavily instrumented, but the application needs to be able to turn the instrumentation on and off at appropriate points something it was not designed to do. So, we were faced with trying to diagnose a performance issue with not too many details, just what we could glean from the database itself. Fortunately, in this case it was fairly easy. When someone who knew the Oracle V$ tables (the V$ tables are one way Oracle exposes its instrumentation, its statistics, to us) reviewed them, it became apparent that the major contention was around a single table a queue table of sorts. The application would place records into this table while another set of processes would pull the records out of this table and process them. Digging deeper, we found a bitmap index on a column in this table (see the later chapter on indexing for more information about bitmapped indexes). The reasoning was that this column, the processed-flag column, had only two values Y and N. As records were inserted, they would have a value of N for not processed. As the other processes read and processed the record, they would update the N to Y to indicate that processing was done. The developers needed to find the N records rapidly and hence knew they wanted to index that column. They had read somewhere that bitmap indexes are for low-cardinality columns columns that have but a few distinct values so it seemed a natural fit. (Go ahead, use Google to search for when to use bitmap indexes; lowcardinality will be there over and over.) But that bitmap index was the cause of all of their problems. In a bitmap index, a single key entry points to many rows, hundreds or more of them. If you update a bitmap index key, the hundreds of records that key points to are locked as well. So, someone inserting the new record with N would lock the N record in the bitmap index, effectively locking hundreds of other N records as well. Meanwhile, the process trying to read this table and process the records would be prevented from modifying some N record to be a Y (processed) record, because in order for it to update this column from N to Y, it would need to lock that same bitmap index key. In fact, other sessions just trying to insert a new record into this table would be blocked as well, as they would be attempting to lock the same bitmap key entry. In short, the developers had created a table that at most one person would be able to insert or update against at a time! We can see this easily using a simple scenario.
When you re in Albums view, just touch an album cover or name and the screen will slide, showing you the songs on that album (see Figure 9 4). TIP: When you start playing an album, the album cover may expand to fill the screen. Tap the screen once to bring up (or hide) the controls at the top and bottom. You can use these controls to manage the song and screen (described below). To see the songs on an album that is playing, tap the List button. The album cover will turn over, revealing all the songs on that album. The song that is playing will have a small blue arrow next to it.
Strings and Characters
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