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Figure 33-8. Configuring the Text properties
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63 dbms_sql.column_value_long 64 (g_cursor, 1, p_for, p_from-1, 65 l_buffer, l_buffer_len ); 66 end if; 67 return l_buffer; 68 end substr_of; 69 70 end; 71 / Package body created. That s it you should be able to use that package against any legacy LONG column in your database, allowing you to perform many WHERE clause operations that were not possible before. For example, you can now find all partitions in your schema such that the HIGH_VALUE has the year 2003 in it (please remember that if you do not have any tables with 2003 in the partition high value, you would not expect to see anything returned!): ops$tkyte@ORA11GR2> select * 2 from ( 3 select table_owner, table_name, partition_name, 4 long_help.substr_of 5 ( "select high_value 6 from all_tab_partitions 7 where table_owner = :o 8 and table_name = :n 9 and partition_name = :p", 10 1, 4000, 11 "o", table_owner, 12 "n", table_name, 13 "p", partition_name ) high_value 14 from all_tab_partitions 15 where table_name = "T" 16 and table_owner = user 17 ) 18 where high_value like "%2003%" 19 / TABLE_OWN TABLE PARTIT HIGH_VALUE --------- ----- ------ -----------------------------OPS$TKYTE T PART1 TO_DATE(" 2003-03-13 00:00:00" , "SYYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS", "N LS_CALENDAR=GREGORIAN") OPS$TKYTE T PART2 TO_DATE(" 2003-03-14 00:00:00" , "SYYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS", "N LS_CALENDAR=GREGORIAN")
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Figure 4-12. You can select from dozens of different instruments to monitor.
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Lookup: Allows you to add a workflow lookup. See the earlier section on lookups for details. In this situation, you specify the list and field you want the user to select a value from when they fill out the form. The form presents the values from that field as a dropdown list for the user to select from. Usable for task assignments Interface rendered:
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Achieving scalability and fault tolerance typically requires implementation of a web farm: two or more web servers that are running exactly the same application. It doesn t matter which server handles each user page request, because all the servers run the same code. This effectively spreads the processing load across multiple machines, thus increasing scalability. You also gain fault tolerance, since if one machine goes down, the remaining server(s) will simply take over the handling of user requests. What I just described is a fully load-balanced web farm. However, because state data is often maintained directly on each web server, the preceding scenario isn t possible. Instead, web farms
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There are several other important things you need to know about comments: Nested comments are not allowed. Only one comment can be in effect at a time. The comment that starts first is in effect until the end of its scope. The scope for particularly comment types is as follows: For single-line comments, the end of the current line For delimited comments, the first end delimiter encountered The following attempts at comments are incorrect: Opens the comment /* This is an attempt at a nested comment. /* Ignored because it is inside a comment Inner comment */ Closes the comment because it is the first end delimiter encountered */ Syntax error because it has no opening delimiter Opens the comment // Single-line comment */ Ignored because it is inside a comment /* Nested comment Incorrect because it has no opening delimiter
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The <ContentTemplate> tag defines the HTML or ASP.NET that will get updated by the UpdatePanel control. You can use the designer to generate this HTML. If, for example, you drag and drop a Calendar control onto the UpdatePanel control s content template area (see Figure 5-8), it will be defined within the <ContentTemplate> tag area.
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Figure 7-14. Our custom InfoPath form rendered through the Office client. Sweet. 7. Mark the task as Complete within Word and click Submit. 8. Close Word and refresh your browser. The workflow is now marked as Complete.
The Animation workspace has more vertical space to allow for easier viewing of your Objects and Timeline panel to create and view Storyboards.
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