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class Program { static void Main() { RightTriangle c = new RightTriangle(); Console.WriteLine("Hypotenuse: {0}", c.Hypotenuse); } }
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The new scripts that have been injected into the page dynamically toggle the style property of the div without you having to do any additional coding.
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Next, you must define the events within the ReviewService class. After the CreateReview function add the following four lines: Public Event ReviewApproved(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Implements IReview.ReviewApproved Public Event ReviewNotApproved(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Implements IReview.ReviewNotApproved These lines define an event within the class, and define which event within the interface each class-defined event will implement. The ReviewService class should now look like the following code: Public Function CreateReview(ByVal Reviewer As String, ByVal Reviewee As String) As Boolean Implements IReview.CreateReview MsgBox("Reviewer: " & StrReviewer) Return True End Function Public Event ReviewApproved(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Implements IReview.ReviewApproved Public Event ReviewNotApproved(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Implements IReview.ReviewNotApproved Next, you must add two subs to the class to handle the events: Private Sub ApproveReview(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Handles Me.ReviewApproved MsgBox("Reviewer: " & StrReviewer & " has approved the review for " & StrReviewee) End Sub Private Sub DoNotApproveReview(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ExternalDataEventArgs) Handles Me.ReviewNotApproved MsgBox("Reviewer: " & StrReviewer & " has not approved the review for " & StrReviewee) End Sub Notice the Handles keyword at the end of each line. This keyword ties this sub to an event defined within the class. When the event is raised, the sub will be called. After you ve defined the subs, you need to change the CreateReview function. First, add two declarations at the beginning of the class, one for StrReviewer and one for StrReviewee. Define both as a string. Next, you need to add a sub to ask the users if they approve or not, and to raise the correct event (either ReviewApproved or ReviewNotApproved). To do this, add the following code: Private Sub AskForApproval(ByVal o As Object) If MsgBox("Do you approve the review for: " & StrReviewee & " ", MsgBoxStyle.YesNo, "Approve review ") = MsgBoxResult.Yes Then RaiseEvent ReviewApproved(Nothing, Nothing) Else RaiseEvent ReviewNotApproved(Nothing, Nothing) End If End Sub
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The IsDirty and IsValid concepts are relatively easy to implement. A collection is dirty if it contains child objects that are dirty, added, or removed. A collection s validity can be determined by finding out if all its child objects are valid. An invalid child object means that the entire collection is in an invalid state. Here are the properties: public bool IsDirty { get { // any deletions make us dirty if (DeletedList.Count > 0) return true; // run through all the child objects // and if any are dirty then then // collection is dirty foreach (C child in this) if (child.IsDirty) return true; return false; } } public virtual bool IsValid { get { // run through all the child objects // and if any are invalid then the // collection is invalid foreach (C child in this) if (!child.IsValid) return false; return true; } } Remember that the generic type C is the type of the child objects contained in the collection. As you can see, all the real work is done by the child objects, so the collection s state is really driven by the state of its children.
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Delegates can be viewed as the function pointers of the managed world. As a C++ programmer, you probably often use typedef to hide some of the complexity of the syntax for declaring and using function pointers. A delegate is an object that designates a function to call on a specific object (if the function is an instance method) or class (if the function is a static method), or a global function. The delegate is not the function itself; it simply represents the address of a function to call, along with a specific object whose method is to be called, if applicable. Delegates are strongly typed, in that the parameter types and return type are part of the type of a delegate. A delegate variable may only be assigned to a function that matches the delegate signature. Delegates may not be used to designate a family of overloaded functions. They may only be used to designate specific function prototypes with specific arguments. You saw in 2 how to declare and use a simple delegate. Delegates are actually instances of the .NET Framework class System::MulticastDelegate. The name multicast implies that many functions may be called when a delegate is invoked. This is, in fact, the case. The delegate keeps an internal list of functions in an invocation list, and all the functions on that list are invoked every time the Invoke method is called. You use the += operator to add functions to the invocation list, and the -= operator to remove them. You can also use the () operator to call the Invoke method implicitly, as in Listing 7-11. Listing 7-11. Using a Delegate // delegate_operators.cpp using namespace System; delegate void MyDelegate(); ref class R { public:
Installing BizTalk Software Prerequisites
The following are some questions that might be raised regarding the buffer cache hit ratio: What is the correct formula for calculating the buffer cache hit ratio The Oracle Database Performance Tuning Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) book from the official Oracle documentation indicates that the following statistics from V$SYSSTAT should be used for calculating the ratio: physical reads cache, consistent gets from cache, and db block gets from cache. Many other sources, however, suggest using a formula such as (logical reads physical reads)/logical reads. Still others suggest the use of one of the following formulas: 1 (physical reads)/(consistent gets + db block gets), (logical reads)/(logical reads + physical reads), 1 (physical reads physical reads direct physical reads direct (lob))/(consistent gets + db block gets), or 1 (physical reads (physical reads direct + physical reads direct (lob)))/(db block gets + consistent gets (physical reads direct + physical reads direct (lob))). If the buffer cache hit ratio for a selected time period is 100 percent, is that a good indication, a bad indication, or an unknown indicator If the buffer cache hit ratio is typically 90 percent, yet for a selected time period it approaches 100 percent, is that a good indication, a bad indication, or an unknown indicator If the buffer cache hit ratio is typically 90 percent, yet for a selected time period it approaches 80 percent, is that a good indication, a bad indication, or an unknown indicator If the buffer cache hit ratio is typically 98 percent, and for a selected time period it remains at 98 percent, is that a good indication, a bad indication, or an unknown indicator
Web services play a key role in a greater whole known as service-oriented architecture (SOA). Quite simply, SOA is an architecture based on loosely coupled components that exchange messages. These components include the clients that make message-based service requests, and the distributed components that respond to them. In a service-oriented architecture, Web services are critically important because they consume and deliver messages. It is difficult to tackle a topic like service-oriented architecture and Web services without invoking the ire of developers working on other platforms such as J2EE and IBM WebSphere. I have full respect for these platforms and for the efforts of the developers and architects who use them. These guys and girls get it, and they have been doing it for longer than we Microsoft-oriented developers have. Let s give credit where credit is due, but then move on. Because if you are reading this book, then it is a safe assumption that you are interested in SOA the Microsoft way. If this describes you, then please buy this book and read on! So why don t we Microsoft/.NET developers get it It is not for lack of intelligence, nor is it for lack of an ability to understand sophisticated architectures. We don t get it because we have been mislead as to why Web services are important. Let me roughly restate my original assertion: Web services work best with messages. They are not optimized to handle specific instructions (in the form of direct, remote procedure calls). Most of us have been trained to this point to use Web services for implementing SOAP-based remote procedure calls. This is where we have been misled, because SOAP is about the worst protocol you could use for this purpose. It is verbose to the point where the response and request envelopes will likely exceed in size the actual input parameters and output response parameters that you are exchanging! At this point, I hope I have left you with more questions than answers. I have stated things here that you can only take my word on, but why should you believe me This is exactly what I am trying to get at. I want to shake you out of your Web services comfort zone, and to help you rethink the technology and think of the bigger picture that is SOA. I devote the first part of this book to clearing up the misconceptions. And I devote the second part of this book to showing you how to implement Web services in a service-oriented architecture. Free your mind.
passed into the WebInvoke attribute, Method and UriTemplate. The value for Method could be either POST or PUT. The value of POST is used for inserting or deleting data, and the value of PUT is used for updating data. There are four methods defined in this interface: PlaceShoppingCartItem() UpdateShoppingCartItem() DeleteShoppingCartItem() PayShoppingCartItem() Listing 7-5. WCF Service Contract Interface Definition of IShoppingCartService using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text; System.ServiceModel; System.ServiceModel.Web; ShoppingCartServiceLibrary;
You applied the PivotTable Style Medium 16, which has a blue fill color in the cells, and it has black headings with white text. This style is attractive on the worksheet, but it s difficult to read when you print it on your black and white printer. You d like to print the worksheet without all the shading, so it s easy to read and uses less toner or printer ink. This problem is based on the RegionSales_09.xlsx workbook.
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