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Generating traces showing shared pool memory allocation is not recommended during periods of heavy instance activity as the HEAPDUMP will hold the shared pool latches until the dump competes. Holding the shared pool latches for a long time will affect performance and may cause the instance to freeze if the shared pool is large. Tanel Poder s website offers a HEAPDUMP analyzer script that will help locate useful information found in such dumps ( Adding the number 536870912 to the normal level 2 for shared pool dumps causes the database instance to output the top five sub-subheaps.
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Third-party resources: I list out all the third-party resources I ll need to complete the application. These are skills or assets that I cannot create or provide myself but that I need to beg, bribe, or (god forbid) pay to acquire: Draft a data usage agreement, and have sign it. Acquire a vector version of the logo and brand guidelines. Get documentation on working with their API.
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Press and hold text, and then choose Select or Select All.
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Animation Value from Data Binding Value from ControlTemplate or DateTemplate Style Setter Value from Resource
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Examining Execution Plans and Plan Statistics
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URL url = aFile.toURL();
Storing the Code Most of the code samples are stored in a regular code module: 1. Download the sample files, and then copy the code you want to use. 2. Open the workbook in which you want to store the code. 3. On the keyboard, hold the Alt key, and then press the F11 key to open the Visual Basic Editor. 4. Click the Insert menu, and then click Module. 5. Right-click where the cursor is flashing, and then click Paste.
The _isChild field is used to maintain whether the object is a child, and that value is exposed via an IsChild property: [NotUndoable()] private bool _isChild; protected internal bool IsChild { get { return _isChild; } } Notice that the field is declared using the [NotUndoable()] attribute. Since this value will never change during the lifetime of the object, there s no reason to include it in an n-level undo snapshot. The IsChild property will be used within other BusinessBase code, and may be useful to the business developer, so it s declared as protected. There are certain behaviors that are valid only for root objects and others that apply only to child objects. These rules will be enforced by throwing exceptions when an invalid operation is attempted. The Delete() and DeleteChild() methods implemented earlier are examples of this approach.
Signed Assemblies
Installing Silverlight
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