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Earlier in the chapter, you saw how the Csla.DataPortal class implements static methods used by business developers to interact with the data portal. Each of those methods dealt with context data creating a DataPortalContext object to pass to the server. On the server, Csla.Server.DataPortal uses the data in DataPortalContext to set up the server s context to match the client. Of course, the phrase on the server is relative, since the data portal could be configured to use the LocalProxy. In that case, the server-side components actually run in the same process as your client code. Obviously, the context data is already present in that case, so there s no need to transfer it; and the data portal includes code to short-circuit the process when the server-side data portal components are running locally.
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Setting the Tab Order
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The following code shows an example of parsing two strings to values of type double and then adding them: static void Main() { string s1 = "25.873"; string s2 = "36.240"; double d1 = double.Parse(s1); double d2 = double.Parse(s2); double total = d1 + d2; Console.WriteLine("Total: } This code produces the following output: Total: 62.113 {0}", total); qr code rdlc
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The remainder operator (%) divides the first operand by the second operand, ignores the quotient, and returns the remainder. Table 8-7 gives its description. The remainder operator is binary and left-associative. Table 8-7. The Remainder Operator
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When designing Postage, we instead decided to be very frugal in the choices and customizations offered to the user in many places. For instance, consider selecting the font for the message; we could have presented an interface that listed every combination of font and style available on the device. Instead, we carefully preselected a list of fonts that gave the user a variety of type styles that also matched our postcard designs well. Figure 7-2 shows how this careful preselection of fonts allowed us to present a variety of choices in a pleasant and compact interface in the application. We did the same for font color and image effects as well, which are covered in the next couple of sections.
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The check of the principal object s type is done to ensure that both the client and server are using the same authentication scheme. If the client is using custom authentication and the server is using Windows integrated security, this exception will be thrown. Custom authentication is discussed more fully in 5.
The client application will also be secured using the WSE Security Settings Wizard. The following steps will help you define a client security policy that will comply with the rules defined by the service policy. 1. Enable the StockTraderClient project for WSE 3.0 using the WSE Settings Tool. Enable Message Tracing in the Diagnostics tab, just like you did for the StockTraderSecure project. 2. In the WSE Settings Tool, choose the Policy tab, and select the Enable Policy check box. 3. Click Add and enter the name UsernamePolicy and click OK. 4. Click Next in the WSE Security Settings Wizard welcome screen. 5. Choose the option to secure a client application, select the Username radio button, and click Next. 6. Choose to specify the username and password in code. It is not recommended to store these credentials in a configuration file. 7. Choose the option to Sign and Encrypt the messages, just like you did when you defined the policy for the service. If you choose a different encryption level, the client will not be compliant with the policy defined by the service and you will get a SOAP exception during the service call. Uncheck the Secure Session box and click Next. 8. The wizard will now show a screen where you can choose the X.509 certificate that will be used for encryption and signing. Select the WSE2QuickStartServer certificate and click Next. 9. The last step of the wizard, shown in Figure 6-8, displays the summary of the security policy that you have created for the client application. Notice that these decisions can be grouped under the same turnkey scenario as the service application.
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