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In addition to panning to a particular location, you can pan relative to the current location by a number of pixels using the PanXY method. It takes two parameters, X and Y, with which you specify the direction. For X, negative values pan to the left of the map, and positive values pan to the right. For Y, negative values pan toward the bottom of the map, and positive ones pan to the top. The PanXY JavaScript function you saw in the preceding code segment reads the X and Y coordinates from the text boxes on the page and pans the map accordingly using the Pan method of the VEMap control.
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Note The first two components indicate the 2D screen position; you need a fourth component to divide
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A style of computing where massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided as a service
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In Figures 9-2 and 9-3, at the beginning of the chapter, I showed how the ProjectEdit display changes based on whether the user is authorized to edit a Project object or not. While some manual coding is required to achieve that effect, much of the hard work is handled by the Csla.Windows.ReadWrite Authorization control discussed in 5. Like the ErrorProvider control, this control is an extender control, meaning that it adds extra behaviors to normal controls like Label and TextBox. In this case, the behaviors are to change those controls so they disallow editing or even viewing of data based on the authorization rules specified in the underlying business object. You ll find a ReadWriteAuthorization control in the component tray of ProjectEdit. Just by being on the designer, this control adds an ApplyAuthorization property to the controls for editing project data. For instance, Figure 9-23 shows the new ApplyAuthorization property that has been added to the NameTextBox control.
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The following core platform and components enhancements will help to improve the overall end-user experience and develop enterprise applications in the agile and rapid application development mode. Official support for the Google Chrome web browser is probably a final step (for now until a new widely-used browser pops up in the market) towards claiming Silverlight as a cross-browser platform and certainly will keep Google fans happy. Introduction of Implicit Theming/Styling helps to develop a tighter control on the look and feel of specific types of controls based on the external definition. Introduction of Multicast UDP Networking will help to improve the application performance and stability by utilizing networking resources more efficiently. WCF RIA Services help the enterprise to develop n-tier applications, following the best practices in an agile and rapid application development mode. Overall performance optimization improves the Silverlight 4 application start-up and execution performance compared to Silverlight 3 applications.
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1.x Problem: Program to a Class, not an Interface
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One solution to the previous problem is to run the script inside the window.onload() function, but the script will not be run until the entire page including images is loaded. jQuery offers a neat solution with the ready event: $(document).ready(function() { $("<p>hello I am dynamic text</p>").appendTo("body"); }); This is a good way to ensure that the page is loaded before the script and will resolve the earlier issue. You must ensure that you have added any elements to the page before running code that manipulates them.
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class DaysTemp { public int High = 75; public int Low = 45; }
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Digital fonts may also contain data representing the metrics used for composition, including kerning pairs, component creation data for accented characters, and glyph substitution rules for Arabic typography and connecting script faces and for simple everyday ligatures like . Common font formats include Metafont, PostScript Type 1, TrueType, and OpenType (here, these are sorted in chronological order with OpenType being the latest and most advanced format). Applications using these font formats, including the rasterizers, appear in Windows and Macintosh operating systems, Adobe Systems products and those of several other companies. Digital fonts are created with font editors such as Fontographer, FontLab, TypeTool, or DTL FontMaster.
created them, the factory still creates all of the output parameters, which you use after executing the command. This simplifies your code, but comes at the cost of an extra round trip to the database to query the schema so the factory knows what parameters to create. To compensate for this, the block uses a cache to keep the definition of the parameters present in memory after the initial round trip to retrieve the metadata. This means the penalty for the extra round trip is only incurred on the first request; subsequent requests will retrieve the parameters from the cache. This yields better performance for subsequent requests (after the first) than the previous example, which has to re-create all of the parameter objects with each request. Ideally, you could create the parameters yourself on the first request (avoiding the extra round trip) and then cache the definition yourself for use on subsequent requests (avoiding the overhead of re-instantiating the collection of parameter objects with each request). Unfortunately, the parameter cache is not publicly exposed by the data access block, and so this would be a manual coding effort. The parameter cache method is still good for late binding type of operations, where you don t know the footprint of the procedure you re calling in advance and therefore cannot possibly write code to create the parameter collection. In this situation, consumers of your data access layer could simply pass a list of values, and you would pass that list along to the command wrapper factory, and the appropriate parameter collection would be created using metadata. public DataSet ExecuteProcedure(string ProcedureCall) { Database db = DatabaseFactory.CreateDatabase(); string SprocName; string ParamList; int iPos = ProcedureCall.IndexOf(" "); SprocName = ProcedureCall.Substring(0, iPos); ParamList = ProcedureCall.Substring(iPos + 1).Replace(" ", ""); DBCommandWrapper cw = db.GetStoredProcCommandWrapper (SprocName, ParamList.Split(",".ToCharArray())); return db.ExecuteDataSet(cw); } Now stored procedures can be executed like the slackers used to do it with ADO! void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { GridView gv = new GridView(); gv.DataSource = ExecuteProcedure("usp_SortAuthors au_fname"); gv.DataBind(); this.form1.Controls.Add(gv);
The BindingSourceRefresh Control
The four property helper methods have overloads that accept Private backing fields as parameters. For example, you can call GetProperty() like this:
Unlike the other generics, a method is a member, not a type. Generic methods can be declared in both generic and non-generic classes, structs, and interfaces, as shown in Figure 19-10.
Figure 19-3. Creating instances from a generic type
Vector3.Forward for (0,0,-1), and Vector3.Right for (1,0,0). To make you more familiar with 3D vectors, all vectors you ll find in the first recipes of this chapter are written in full.
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