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void MainPage_MouseLeftButtonDown(object sender, MouseButtonEventArgs e) { PrintDocument printDoc = new PrintDocument();
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Considering that managed objects don t necessarily stay in one place and can be moved any time the garbage collector does its job, it is vital to ensure that the arguments of an unmanaged call don t wander around while the call is in progress. This can be accomplished in the following two ways: Pin the object for the duration of the call, preventing the garbage collector from moving it. This is done for the instances of formatted, blittable classes that have fixed layout in memory, invariant to managed or unmanaged code. Allocate some unmovable memory, that is, a block of memory outside of the GC heap. If the parameter has an in flag, marshal the data from the argument to this unmovable memory. Call the method, passing this memory as the argument. If the parameter has an out flag, marshal this memory back to the original argument upon completion of the call. 10 describes the ILAsm syntax for the explicit marshaling definition of method parameters. 8 discusses the native types used in explicit marshaling definitions. Rather than reviewing that information here, I ll discuss some interesting marshaling cases instead.
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Instead of implementing a serialization algorithm manually, you can use the serialization feature provided by the FCL. This is an API that resides in the namespace System::Runtime::Serialization. It is a much more sophisticated API than the implementation described previously. As an example, it supports many more field types than int and String^. These include all primitive types, as well as tracking handles to serializable objects. Using this serialization implementation, a single serialization operation can persist a complete graph of serializable objects into a stream. System::Runtime::Serialization is also aware of object identities within a serialized stream. Each object of a graph is serialized only once into the stream, even if an object is referenced multiple times within the graph s objects. System::Runtime::Serialization is attribute-based. To mark a type as serializable, the attribute System::SerializableAttribute must be applied to a class. A field can be excluded from serialization with the attribute System::NonSerializableAttribute. For customizing serialization, a serializable object can also implement the interface ISerializable. The following code uses the less complicated approach with attributes: [Serializable] ref struct Person { String^ Name; [NonSerialized] int Age; };
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A Practical Game Loop
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.each() method
Figure 23-1. The #if and #else constructs For example, the following code illustrates a simple #if...#else construct. If the symbol RightHanded is defined, the code between the #if and the #else will be compiled. Otherwise, the code between the #else and the #endif will be compiled. ... #if RightHanded // Code implementing right-handed functionality ... #else // Code implementing left-handed functionality ... #endif
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