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One of the trickiest problems when it comes to working with multiple threads is using shared resources typically, shared memory in the form of objects or primitive types. When it comes to shared data, one potential issue is known as a race condition. Figure 12-4 illustrates two threads attempting to increment a single integer variable named value. However, a simple increment is split into smaller operations behind the scenes: the value of the variable is read, incremented, and stored back into the variable.
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You could just sit and read this book, but to get the most benefit, you should be able to follow along with the examples on your own computer, which means that you will need a Windows computer. Aside from Windows, basic versions of all the software you will need are available from Microsoft free of charge. 2 tells you what you need, explains where to get it from, and shows you how to install it and get it ready for use.
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Business Activity Monitoring
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Web Forms data binding in ASP.NET 2.0 is bidirectional, meaning that data is copied from the data source into the web form s controls, and then from those controls back into the data source (either a preexisting instance, or a newly created instance) on a postback. This is powerful, as it simplifies both the display and update of data. Unfortunately, the data source controls provided with ASP.NET are not designed to work with objects that contain business logic meaning that they aren t useful when working with CSLA .NET business objects. To overcome this limitation, the CslaDataSource control is an ASP.NET data source control that is designed to work with objects containing business logic. This control allows the full use of Web Forms data binding with rich business objects. Data source controls in ASP.NET have two major areas of functionality: runtime and design time. Runtime functionality is the actual data binding implementation it copies data from the data source to the controls and back again. Design time functionality exists to support Visual Studio 2005, allowing developers to graphically create web pages using common controls like the DataGridView and DetailsView when they are bound to the data source control. It turns out that implementing runtime functionality is relatively straightforward, but providing design time functionality is more complex. Table 5-6 lists the classes required to implement the CslaDataSource control s runtime and design time support.
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The following code defines and uses a delegate with no parameters and no return value. Note the following about the code: Class Test defines two print functions. Method Main creates an instance of the delegate and then adds three more methods. The program then invokes the delegate, which calls its methods. Note the test for the null delegate, before attempting to invoke it. // Define a delegate with no return value and no parameters. delegate void PrintFunction(); class Test { public void Print1() { Console.WriteLine("Print1 -- instance"); } public static void Print2() { Console.WriteLine("Print2 -- static"); } } class Program { static void Main() { Test t = new Test(); PrintFunction pf; pf = t.Print1; // pf pf pf
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Figure 5-31. Draw a Rectangle on the artboard.
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RegisterArrayDeclaration RegisterClientScriptBlock RegisterHiddenField RegisterOnSubmitStatement RegisterStartupScript
ushort sh = 2000; byte sb; sb = unchecked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb); sb = checked ( (byte) sh ); Console.WriteLine("sb: {0}", sb); // Most significant bits lost // OverflowException raised
Figure 6-2. Projecting the normal on the light direction The normal of the triangle on the left is perpendicular to the direction of the light, so the projection is 0, and the triangle will not be lit. The triangle on the right side has a normal parallel to the light direction, so its projection will be maximal, and the plane will be lit at full intensity. Given the direction of the light and the normal in a vertex, your graphics card can easily calculate the length of the projection (the thick black block). This is how the graphics card calculates the correct lighting.
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