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Consider the following code, written without using LINQ: Dim lateProjects As New List(Of Project)() For Each project As Project In allProjects If project.DueDate < DateTime.Now Then lateProjects.Add(project) End If Next LINQ replaces the previous six lines of code with three lines of code that reveal the intent more clearly: Dim lateProjects = _ From project In allProjects _ Where project.DueDate < DateTime.Now Since a goal of CSLA .NET is to reduce the amount of code you have to write, making CSLA .NET work well with LINQ is a requirement for CSLA .NET 3.5 and higher. In the first example, not only are you stating what you want, but you re also writing exactly how those objects are going to be found. Using LINQ, by contrast, you re writing code at a higher level and specifying what you want (projects where the due date is earlier than now). However, you leave to the collection how you want the query to be handled. By having business code focus on the what rather than on the how, you can allow for further optimizations by the framework. In fact, one optimization in CSLA .NET is a new Indexable attribute on properties of a child class. The Indexable attribute provides hints to the CSLA .NET collection classes about where they might create indexes. The collection classes, in turn, create and maintain indexes on properties in their child classes that are marked Indexable. Any code written the old way because it specified not only what but how would not be able to take advantage of that optimization without recoding. The latter
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The three projects are 1. 2. 3. SOAPRouter: A Web service-based SOAP router application SOAPSender: A console-based client application SOAPService: A Web service application that processes stock quotes and trades
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1. In the States panel click the Add state group button, as I am doing in Figure 16-25. examples
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Design and Development Tools for Silverlight
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A Stack Example
Application Server
If you don t have it already, download the wiki template add-in for Visual Studio .NET from Once you have installed this, you will be able to create the wiki application. If you have this template installed, when you issue a File New command in Visual Studio .NET, you will be presented with the New Web Site dialog box, and it will give you an option to create a Wiki ASP .NET Atlas Web Site, as shown in Figure 7-8. This will create the entire wiki site for you. Select a location, and click OK. The example is pretty comprehensive. Figure 7-9 shows the Solution Explorer for this site, and you can see that it contains a lot of good stuff, including master pages, templates, visual themes, back-end databases, controls, and of course web forms. Remember, this is first and foremost an ASP .NET application, built with existing ASP .NET skills and enhanced using Ajax/Atlas functionality. When running the application, you should consider a number of issues. Sometimes you will find that the browser renders this home page incorrectly when it is loaded for the first time. If this appears to be happening to you, simply click the browser s Refresh button. This should correct the page display. This problem, if it occurs at all, generally is a problem only once: when you load the wiki for the first time in a browser. The wiki uses SQL Server 2005 Express Edition by default. The initial connection to the wiki s database sometimes times out in SQL Server. You will see a message in the browser about this if it happens. Simply click Refresh in the browser in this case. If you have other database-related error messages, check that the wiki s App_Data directory permits write access for the anonymous Internet account on the computer. If you are running Windows XP, you will need to add the [server]\ASPNET account to the list of users allowed to write/modify the App_Data folder. If you are running Windows Server 2003, you should add the [server]\NETWORK SERVICE account. Usually, however, the security settings on this folder are correct by default.
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