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ElementType and Expression both have reasonably simple implementations. In CSLA .NET, ElementType simply returns an instance of the child type as follows: Public ReadOnly Property ElementType() As Type Get Return GetType(C) End Get End Property The Expression property is also fairly simple. It returns the expression tree associated with the collection (I ll cover expression trees in the next section). In BusinessListBase, this represents the entire collection, because you use LinqBindingList rather than BusinessListBase to represent the result of a query. In BusinessListBase, Expression returns a private backing field where the current expression is held. Public ReadOnly Property Expression() As Expression Get If _expression Is Nothing Then _expression = Expression.Constant(Me) End If Return _expression End Get End Property
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Events and EventHandlers
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Enter the following code in the Main() method: //Read a memory mapped file using (MemoryMappedFile MemoryMappedFile = MemoryMappedFile.OpenExisting("test")) { using (MemoryMappedViewStream Stream = MemoryMappedFile.CreateViewStream()) { BinaryReader reader = new BinaryReader(Stream); Console.WriteLine(reader.ReadString()); } Console.ReadKey(); }
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Figure 5-16. Two HTML <span> elements that have click behaviors associated with their Atlas controls
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WF4 offers the ability to invoke individual activities without using the workflow run time. This could be used for scenarios such as unit testing. However, as many workflows will run for a long time, this won t be useful in all instances.
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CHAPTER 3: Rapid Game Development Using (Mostly) Standard C
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You can use ASP.NET Development Server during development if you choose. While hosting Web Forms and Web Services interfaces is problematic due to assembly load issues, it is not a problem when hosting the data portal. I typically do my development using this host rather than IIS.
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Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish");
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The CustomAuthContentLoader Class
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TRADITIONAL WEB SERVICES are built on the HTTP Request/Response model. This is fine for some applications, but is limiting for others. WSE 2.0 provides a messaging framework that expands the supported transport protocols to include TCP and an optimized in-process transport protocol, in addition to HTTP. These protocols are not natively tied to a Request/Response communications model, so you can implement alternative models, such as asynchronous messaging solutions. This chapter will focus on working with the WSE 2.0 implementation of the WS-Addressing specification and with messaging and routing. Together, these specifications and features provide support for Several transport protocols, in addition to HTTP, including TCP and an optimized protocol called In-Process for clients and services that reside on the same domain True asynchronous communication using TCP SOAP messages that contain their own addressing headers and endpoint reference information Automatic routing and referral for SOAP messages Custom SOAP routers The WSE 2.0 messaging framework is designed to give you more control over the transport and processing of SOAP messages. Of course, WSE 2.0 does not force you to leverage any of its messaging capabilities. You can continue to write traditional HTTP-based Web services if you prefer. But this design pattern is only
The architectures presented here are by no means exhaustive of the choices available to you when inventing your own technical infrastructure. We ve put forth these to demonstrate some of the various ways the pieces and parts of these services can be put together. The chapters that follow present detailed examinations of each of the disparate services available. Mapping these solutions to the nonfunctional requirements that are specific to your application and enterprise will yield a solution that may be similar, but most likely not identical, to those we ve presented here.
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transaction delivery between clients and servers is not supported by .NET Service Bus. Highlights of the technical features are shown in Table 6-1. Using the Microsoft .NET Service Bus in conjunction with WCF is the easiest way to build a connected distributed system. Table 6-1. Highlights of Technical Features for Available .NET Service Bus Connection Modes
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