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In this case, we have chosen Horizontal for the Orientation property of the Slider extender as opposed to Vertical. In this particular example, the EnableHandleAnimation property is set to True, thus providing smoother slides as the user changes the values. You can also use the ToolTipText property to display a message to the users when they hover over the target TextBox control. Figure 8-15 shows the Slider extender in action.
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Creates and initializes a component with the Application object Releases all dependencies held by the objects in the page Finds and returns the specified component object Returns an array of all components that have been registered in the page using the addComponent method Initializes the Application object Boolean value indicating whether all the scripts have been loaded Used to queue script files that will be loaded in a sequential order Raises the load event Registers an object/component with the application and manages the object requiring disposal Removes an object from the application or disposes the object if it is disposable Removes/unregisters a disposable object from the application
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Finally, while Oracle Metalink (or My Oracle Support as it s called these days) is not part of the official documentation, every Oracle DBA should be able to navigate in support articles and know how to research Oracle Support notes and bug reports. Those often help to fill the blanks in the puzzle when standard documentation doesn t provide enough detail. Oracle Database is a complex product. It s physically impossible for a single person to know all its bells and whistles and to have in-depth knowledge of each feature and area. Take Oracle XMLDB, Oracle Streams, and Oracle Spatial as examples. Unless you have worked with these features, you are unlikely to know in detail how they work. However, you do want to have a general idea of such features. Most importantly, you want an idea of where to go to learn more. Just knowing where to go can help you get up to speed relatively quickly in any area of Oracle Database.
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Class, as I am doing in Figure 10-3.
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This section presents the Embedded Master Module and development kit from GHI Electronics. Embedded Master is the first and only device that combines the benefits of the .NET Micro Framework with FAT file system and USB hosting capabilities, as well as providing support for PWM and the controller area network (CAN), which are not supported directly by the .NET Micro Framework. You can find the latest information about Embedded Master products at www.ghielectronics. com and, where you can also find the latest firmware with native drivers and the Embedded Master library with the managed wrappers.
Shift Operators
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