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Measured performance with and without subpartitions in the summarization tables. Subpartitioning was expected to be beneficial for the application interface, but had the potential to slow the actual summarization process. Confirmed that any increase in elapsed time or variance for individual summarizations was negligible on the total processing time.
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The Csla.Server.SimpleDataPortal object (discussed later in the chapter) will ultimately invoke methods on business objects based on the MethodInfo object returned from GetMethod(). To support this, MethodCaller implements two different CallMethod() overloads: Public Function CallMethod(ByVal obj As Object, _ ByVal method As String, ByVal ParamArray parameters() As Object) As Object Dim info As MethodInfo = _ GetMethod(obj.GetType, method, parameters) If info Is Nothing Then Throw New NotImplementedException( _ method & " " & My.Resources.MethodNotImplemented) End If Return CallMethod(obj, info, parameters) End Function Public Function CallMethod(ByVal obj As Object, _ ByVal info As MethodInfo, ByVal ParamArray parameters() As Object) _ As Object
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the far clipping plane distance to some crazy value like 100000 will result in severe visual artifacts. Cards with a 16-bit depth buffer (see the The Z-Buffer (or Depth Buffer) section of this recipe) will have 2^16 = 65535 possible depth values. Even if the depth distribution is linear, if two objects are competing for a certain pixel and the distance between both objects is smaller than 100k/65535 = 1.53 units, your graphics card will not be able to decide which object is closer to the camera. In reality, this is much, much worse, because the scale is quadratic, resulting in the last three quarters of your whole scene seeming to have the same distance to the camera. Therefore, the distance between your near and far clipping plane should stay below a few hundred. This distance should even be smaller if the depth buffer has less than 16-bit resolution. A typical syndrome of this problem would be that all your objects seem to have jagged edges.
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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)
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Methods Properties Constructors Finalizers Operators Indexers Events
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Name Value
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Using an Identity Column
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I recommend using DecoratedRuleArgs, which is a subclass of RuleArgs. I say this because DecoratedRuleArgs stores the custom argument values in a Dictionary, and thus provides a standardized way by which the code in AddBusinessRules() can create the RuleArgs parameter. This is particularly useful if you use code generation for your business classes, as standardization is critical when building code generation templates. The custom RuleArgs classes in CommonRules are a hybrid approach. I do implement custom classes, but they subclass DecoratedRuleArgs. This means that the code in AddBusinessRules() can use either the strongly typed custom class, or DecoratedRuleArgs. Either approach works, so you can use StringMaxLength like this: ValidationRules.AddRule( Csla.Validation.CommonRules.StringMaxLength, new Csla.Validation.CommonRules.MaxLengthRuleArgs(NameProperty, 5)); or like this: var args = new Csla.Validation.DecoratedRuleArgs(NameProperty); args["MaxLength"] = 5; ValidationRules.AddRule(Csla.Validation.CommonRules.StringMaxLength, args); You get the same end result. The first approach is better for hand-coding, because it is strongly typed. The second approach is better for code generation, because it is a standard approach that works with any rule method that accepts a DecoratedRuleArgs parameter. By implementing a custom subclass of DecoratedRuleArgs in CommonRules, I enable both scenarios.
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Figure 32-21. Components added to the design surface The gray area at the bottom of the design surface has been added to contain two controls that we will rely on but that are not displayed to the user. The employeeBindingSource is an instance of the BindingSource control, which will associate our data with the grid control (which is the large control added to the main window). The employeeBindingNavigator is an instance of the BindingNavigator control that lets us page through our data. This is done by the toolbar that has been added to the top of the screen.
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