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If you ve worked with If/Then statements, you understand the importance of proper nesting. XML is no different. You ll need to maintain correct element placement, as in this example: <product> <name>wrench</name> <price>13.85</price> <id>101</id> <quantityonhand>1</quantityonhand> <quantityonorder>3</quantityonorder> </product> The following is incorrect placement: <product> <name>wrench</name> <price>13.85</price> <id>101</id> <quantityonhand>1 <quantityonorder>3 </quantityonhand> </quantityonorder> </product>
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In system troubleshooting, the primary focus of this chapter, you will usually be concerned about the usage of one or more of these scarce resources. The next few sections deal therefore with the first three, network usage being the least Windows-specific area and the least likely in my experience to cause Windows-specific issues for database specialists.
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Most of the methods I cover here will involve a server through which the devices must communicate in order to transmit or retrieve the information they require, as illustrated in Figure 8-3. This means that in order to develop a game utilizing these communication methods, you will also need some knowledge of how to get a server to handle the information you send to it. This can be achieved in many ways, whether you write simple scripts accessible over a web server or whether you run a more complex gaming server (I will touch on this idea later). In this chapter, I will show how to use a simple HTTP GET method implementation based around PHP scripts to demonstrate communication with a server, but of course there are many solutions to this type of problem. The method you choose will depend on your programming background and personal preference.
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Table 8-5. Main Properties of the MaskedEdit Extender Property Name
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5.7. Grouping Dates Using the Starting Date
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The end result is that when the user is denied write access to a business object s property, controls bound to that property are either set to ReadOnly or are disabled. And if the user is denied read access to a business object s property, controls bound to that property are disabled and empty values are placed in the control, rather than any real values from the business object.
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// create the first list collection List<string> list = new List<string>() { "mango", "cherry", "apricot", "banana", "apple", "pear", "orange"}; // create the comparer StringLengthComparer slc = new StringLengthComparer(); // sort the list list.Sort(slc); // perform the binary searches int index1 = list.BinarySearch("cherry", slc); int index2 = list.BinarySearch("cherry"); // write out the results Console.WriteLine("Result 1: {0}", index1); Console.WriteLine("Result 2: {0}", index2); // wait for input before exiting Console.WriteLine("Press enter to finish"); Console.ReadLine(); } } class StringLengthComparer : IComparer<string> { public int Compare(string x, string y) { return Comparer<int>.Default.Compare(x.Length, y.Length); } } } You can see that I sort the data using the StringLengthComparer class, which I then reuse for the first call to the BinarySearch method. BinarySearch doesn t have an overload that accepts an instance of System.Comparison and so can t accept a lambda expression directly. The second call to BinarySearch doesn t specify an implementation of IComparer<string>, so the default is used. This second search therefore works on the basis that the contents of the list have been sorted alphabetically and, since they are actually sorted by length, gives us an unexpected result. Compiling and running the code in Listing 19-11 gives us the following results: Result 1: 3 Result 2: -3 Press enter to finish The message here is that if you use custom logic to sort the contents of a list, you must use the same logic to perform binary searches.
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Figure 3-7. The Visual Studio 2005 Solution Explorer shows the StockTrader Web service and the Web service consumer project.
This chapter has examined some of the key design goals for the CSLA .NET business framework. The key design goals include the following: N-level undo capability Tracking broken validation rules to tell if an object is valid Tracking whether an object s data has changed (whether or not it s dirty ) Support for strongly typed collections of child objects Providing a simple and abstract model for the UI developer Full support for data binding in both Windows Forms and Web Forms Saving objects to a database and getting them back again Custom authentication Integrated authorization Other miscellaneous features You ve also walked through the design of the framework itself, providing a high-level glimpse into the purpose and rationale behind each of the classes that will make it up. With each class, I discussed how it relates back to the key goals to provide the features and capabilities of the framework. The chapter closed by defining the namespaces that contain the framework classes. This way, they re organized so that they re easily understood and used. 3 will implement the portions of the framework primarily geared toward supporting the UI and data binding. Then, 4 will implement the data portal and object persistence. 5 will wrap up loose ends by implementing the helper classes, such as SmartDate, SafeDataReader, and others. With the framework complete, the rest of the book will walk through the design and implementation of a sample application using object-oriented concepts and the CSLA .NET framework. Those chapters will explore how the framework functions and how it meets the goals set forth in this chapter.
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