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The INotifyCollectionChanged Interface
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case 3: // repair armour printf("repair armour\n"); if(gBatteries >= 5) { gBatteries = gBatteries min(5,(100 - gArmour) / 2); gArmour = min(100,gArmour + 20); gSnacks = min(20,gSnacks + 1); CheckNewLocation(); // so the Mingons move }
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Figure 6-2. Assembly Information dialog
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CSLA .NET supports the ability to plug in your own indexing provider via the IndexingProvider property on BusinessListBase and ReadOnlyListBase. Note that doing so is not for the faint of heart. I provide more information about how to implement such a provider in The Indexing Object Model later in this chapter.
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Before starting a discussion on WS-Addressing and messaging, we need to step back and take the big-picture view, starting with a review of how Web services communicate with clients. Traditional Web services communicate over the HTTP protocol and use a traditional request/response communication pattern, in which a client request results in a synchronous, direct service response. Unfortunately, this model is very limiting because it does not accommodate long-running service calls that may take minutes, hours, or days to complete. A typical synchronous Web service call will time out long before the response is ever delivered. There are five generally accepted communication design patterns, or models, that govern the exchange of SOAP messages between a service and its client (or between two services): 1. Request/response (classic): The service endpoint receives a message and sends back a correlated response message immediately, or within a very timely fashion. 2. Request/response with polling: The client sends a request message to a service endpoint and immediately returns a correlation message ID to uniquely identify the request. The service takes a significant amount of time to process the request, meaning more than you would expect if you were receiving a timely response message. Knowing this, the client must periodically poll the service using the correlation ID to ask if a response is ready. The service treats this query as a standard request/response, and replies in the negative or in the affirmative (with the actual response message). So this model involves two pairs of correlated request/response messages. 3. Request/response with notification: The client sends a request message to a service, and the service takes a significant amount of time to process the request, meaning more than you would expect if you were receiving a timely response message. The service does not reply back to the client until the processing of the request is complete. The client is responsible for waiting for the response. This model describes classic asynchronous communication. 4. One-way, or notification: The service endpoint receives a request message, but does not generate a response message. This model is not widely used. 5. Solicit/response: The reverse of request/response, whereby the service endpoint sends the client a solicitation request and receives a response. This model is not widely used. Standard ASP .NET Web services, which you build by default in Visual Studio .NET, give you the illusion that they support an asynchronous communication pattern. The Web service s WSDL document contains asynchronous versions for each operation, and the autogenerated proxy class also dutifully provides asynchronous method calls. Listing 8-1 shows a comparison between synchronous and asynchronous versions of the same Web method as they appear in an autogenerated WSE 3.0 proxy class.
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The only required message headers are To and Action, although if you expect a response, then you will also need to set the From or ReplyTo headers. Table 9-1 shows you the type that the header supports. Notice that the majority of the headers require endpoint references. Listing 9-2 shows you how message information headers appear within a SOAP message. Listing 9-2. A SOAP Message with Message Information Headers
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5. From the perspective of the child collection object, just one method is called, as follows: Update() 6. From the perspective of each child object, one of three methods is called, as follows: Insert() Update() DeleteSelf() Figure 7-7 illustrates this process. Remember that this diagram is connected with the previous diagram showing the update of a root object. The events depicted in this diagram occur as a result of the root object s DataPortal_Insert() or DataPortal_Update() being called, as shown earlier in Figure 7-6.
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SqlConnection _connection = new SqlConnection(ConnectionString); if (null != _connection) { _connection.Open(); Server server = new Server(new ServerConnection(_connection)); Database db = server.Databases[ConnectedDatabase]; stroredProcedure = new StoredProcedure(db, storedProcedureName); stroredProcedure.TextMode = false; stroredProcedure.AnsiNullsStatus = false; stroredProcedure.QuotedIdentifierStatus = false; stroredProcedure.TextBody = storedProcedureBody; if (null != serviceCommand) { this._PopulateStoredProcedureParameters(ref stroredProcedure, serviceCommand); } stroredProcedure.Create(); success = stroredProcedure == null false : true; } } catch (Exception ex) { string msg = string.Empty; if (null != ex.InnerException) { msg = ex.InnerException.Message; if (ex.InnerException.InnerException != null) { msg = ex.InnerException.InnerException.Message; if ( msg.Equals( string.Format( "There is already an object named '{0}' in the database.", storedProcedureName ) ) ) { success = true; } } } else { msg = ex.Message; } } }
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Figure 13-18. Draw a TextBox and a Button on the artboard.
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If you look at an HTTP trace of what is happening as you run this application, you ll see the following. (I have removed a lot of this for brevity, but the full trace is available with the download for this book. It is called 10sniff.txt.) Take note that the Microsoft Virtual Earth service implements the mapping functionality, returning the correct map tiles upon requests from this client library.
Hypothetical Scenario: The System Crashes Right Now
using System;
// Step 1 // Step 2 // Step 3
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