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5. Now press the F6 key to build the application. 6. When the OOB application starts, type some text into the TextBox and click the Launch Word
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Figure 7-11. ASP .NET AJAX Calendar control (Year view)
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Type of object to create and (optional) criteria about new object Type of object to retrieve and criteria for desired object Object to be updated Type of object to delete and criteria for object to be deleted Object to be executed (must derive from CommandBase)
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The Relationship between C# and the .NET Framework
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The following are some important general facts about C# arrays: Once an array is created, its size is fixed. C# does not support dynamic arrays. Array indexes are 0-based. That is, if the length of a dimension is n, the index values range from 0 to n 1. For example, Figure 14-1 shows the dimensions and lengths of two example arrays. Notice that for each dimension, the indexes range from 0 to length 1.
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WriteLine is another member of Console; it performs the same functions as Write, but appends a newline character to the end of each output string. For example, if you use the preceding code, but use WriteLine instead of Write, the output is on separate lines: System.Console.WriteLine("This is text 1."); System.Console.WriteLine("This is text 2."); System.Console.WriteLine("This is text 3."); This code produces the following output in the console window: This is text 1. This is text 2. This is text 3.
Note If you do not use managed backing fields to store your child object references, you ll need to override this method to also check the IsDirty status of your child objects. I recommend always using managed backing fields for child references so you don t need to worry about this issue.
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