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After initial demonstration of Silverlight applications for mobile devices during Silverlight 2 version development, for a while Microsoft shifted the focus from the Silverlight Mobile edition to making the overall Silverlight technology platform (and even the mobile OS platform) more stable and scalable enough to support today s enterprise mobility requirements. Aligning with Silverlight 4, Microsoft released Windows Phone 7, supporting development of out-of-browser Windows Mobile applications using Silverlight and XNA. You can develop high-quality media applications (including integration with video camera and microphone), and data-driven applications to multi-touch and motion-sensing gaming applications (using XNA Framework) for Windows mobile phones. For further details visit
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Tip Defining a validation rule as a method means you can create libraries of reusable rules for your application. The framework in this book includes a small library with some of the most common validation rules so you can use them in applications without having to write them.
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Disposing Objects
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As we saw in 6, deployment of our custom workflows is not as straightforward as we would like. We covered most of this in 6, but I m going to rehash it here because there are a few new elements (the information to deploy our forms, for example) and the steps and details are so interrelated that just giving you the deltas and forcing you to flip back to 6 for the rest is a recipe for disaster. Forgive me for the duplication and padding out the book, but in this instance, I think it s worth it. Let s get started. Be glad you re tackling deployment in the final release of the product. In the beta cycle, deployment was a nightmare of interrelated moving parts that practically set you up for failure the first few times you tried it. OK, so maybe it wasn t that bad, but it is a lot easier now. We re going to cover just the development deployment here. Deploying for production was covered back in 6 and the steps are nearly identical; I m sure you ll be able to figure out the slight differences. For development, there are two files we need to work with: feature.xml workflow.xml
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AllowCustomErrorsRedirect AsyncPostBackErrorMessage AsyncPostBackSourceElementID AsyncPostBackTimeout AuthenticationService EnablePageMethods EnablePartialRendering EnableScriptGlobalization qr code
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Using Fade Animation
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Examining Optimizer Parameters Affecting Plans datamatrix barcode
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It defines four abstract methods that any class using this interface must support. The
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In the previous example, iterators were used to produce an enumerable class. In this example, iterators are used to produce an enumerator class. Additionally, it shows the iterators implemented as properties that return the enumerators, rather than methods. The code declares two properties that define two different enumerators. The GetEnumerator method returns one of the two enumerators, depending on the value of the Boolean variable ColorFlag. If ColorFlag is true, the Colors enumerator is returned. Otherwise, the BlackAndWhite enumerator is returned. class MyClass: IEnumerable<string> { bool ColorFlag = true; public MyClass(bool flag) { ColorFlag = flag; } IEnumerator<string> BlackAndWhite { get { yield return "black"; yield return "gray"; yield return "white"; } } // Constructor
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An Asynchronous Messaging Architecture
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