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Implementing the Decision Point
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Figure 6-6. The New Web Site dialog in Visual Studio .Net 2005 After you create your file system-based project, you can see that the ASMX development model is different by default, as well. The ASMX template is much simpler. There s no hidden region of code, just a class with a single Web Method in it: using using using using System; System.Web; System.Web.Services; System.Web.Services.Protocols;
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I like to think that the icon is the logo of sorts for your application. It s the first thing that someone looks at in the App Store, and it s the representation of your application on a user s phone. I have a few guidelines that I use for icons:
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Referencing Other Assemblies Namespaces The using Directives The Structure of an Assembly The Identity of an Assembly Strongly Named Assemblies Private Deployment of an Assembly Shared Assemblies and the GAC Configuration Files Delayed Signing
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along with a string representation of the object. Something like the function in Listing 4-2 might serve as a useful debugging tool. Listing 4-2. Displaying an Object As a String // debug_print.cpp using namespace System; void DebugPrint(Object^ obj) { // For debugging purposes, display the type of the object // and its string conversion. System::Type^ type = obj->GetType(); Console::WriteLine("Type: {0} Value: {1}", type->ToString(), obj->ToString() ); } This function could be called with any managed type, but also any of the primitive types. It may seem strange that you could call these methods on a primitive type, like int, so it is worthwhile to delve into how this is possible.
With the language constructs you ve learned so far, you can build powerful objects of many different types. You do this mostly by declaring classes that encapsulate the behavior you want and then creating instances of those classes. All the types used in the class declarations so far have been specific types either programmerdefined or supplied by the language or the BCL. There are times, however, when a class would be more useful if you could distill or refactor out its actions and apply them not just to the data types for which they are coded but for other types as well. Generics allow you to do just that. You can refactor your code and add an additional layer of abstraction so that, for certain kinds of code, the data types are not hard-coded. This is particularly designed for cases in which there are multiple sections of code performing the same instructions, but on different data types. That might sound pretty abstract, so we ll start with an example that should make things clearer.
The WCF is a framework for building service applications. Another broad technology suite in its own right, you will take an introductory tour of WCF in 21 and see it used in conjunction with Silverlight in 35. If you want to build any kind of web service or complex network service, then WCF is the way to go. It is rich, flexible, and encompasses a wide range of different network and service models.
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