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Binary File (.xnb) R U N T I M E
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To accomplish this, create a new ASP.NET AJAX-enabled web site. Because the ScriptManager control has already been placed on the page, drop new UpdatePanel, UpdateProgress, and Timer controls onto the page called MarketData.aspx as shown in Figure 6-1.
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Figure 19-7. Two constructed classes created from a generic class
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When gathering user feedback, be prepared to ask the same question several ways. Sometimes end users or less-senior technicians will provide their analysis of the problem and present it as the actual symptoms. In many situations, the purported user experience does not match the actual experience, when verified with the user. This misunderstanding has resulted in a lot of wasted time as (even expert) diagnosticians have been assured that the definition of the problem is clear, when in fact it is based on someone s incomplete understanding. Instead try to focus on obtaining an accurate and quantifiable description of the symptoms.
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In simple terms, a database parameter may be thought of as a key/value pair. You saw an important parameter, db_name, in the preceding chapter. The db_name parameter was stored as db_name = ora11g. The key here is db_name and the value is ora11g. This is our key/value pair. To see the current value of an instance parameter, you can query the V$ view V$PARAMETER. Alternatively, in SQL*Plus you can use the SHOW PARAMETER command, for example: ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> select value 2 from v$parameter 3 where name = "db_block_size" 4 / VALUE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------8192 ops$tkyte%ORA11GR2> show parameter db_block_s NAME TYPE VALUE ------------------------------------ ----------- -----------------------------db_block_size integer 8192 Both outputs show basically the same information, although you can get more information from V$PARAMETER (there are many more columns to choose from than displayed in this example). But SHOW PARAMETER wins for me in ease of use and the fact that it wildcards automatically. Notice that I typed in only db_block_s; SHOW PARAMETER adds % to the front and back.
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There are two ways you can perform installation of the out-of-browser enabled Silverlight applications: in-browser install (default of custom installation) and silent install.
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This method is trying to access and set properties accessible only in the browser DOM in an effort to verify the validity of the user and the absence of bots. One key object here is NoBotEventArgs, which contains the event arguments of the underlying object. BOTS/automated agents are usually incapable of processing JavaScript and also obviously do not have the browser DOM that browsers have, therefore failing the brief but often effective test code of the CustomChallengeResponse method. One last note to mention about the NoBot extender is that it must be tested thoroughly before deployed. It may not be consistent in all environments and may falsely identify legitimate users as bots. When developing the Challenge/Response mechanism or tweaking the other parameters, be sure to test your application for the legitimacy of the NoBot extender results.
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Table 7-2. Comparison of WLAN, Bluetooth, ZigBee, and Z-Wave
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Go to the App Store, touch Categories, and choose Social Networking. You should see both TweetDeck and Twitter in the Featured section. If not, simply touch the Search window and type in either app name. Download the app as you would any other app to the iPod touch.
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Because the Tag property of a Model can really contain anything (the Object class is the very root class in C#), you need to tell your compiler in this case that it contains a BoundingSphere by performing a cast. If the transformed BoundingSpheres collide, the method returns true.
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The CollapsiblePanelExtender control allows you to easily make visually appealing collapsing and expanding effects on panels used in your web page with minimal code. This extender is quite simple yet very flexible and is particularly useful in scenarios where you have large amounts of text, some of which does not need to be initially presented to the users. Also with many useful properties, its collapse/expansion behavior can be well customized. This includes the ability to have the panel auto expand or auto collapse depending on the mouse hovering. Table 7-7 lists some of the properties of the CollapsiblePanelExtender control.
MS DOS Stub (64 Bytes)
Listing 6-13. The FormDrawShape Implements the WCF Service Contract IPublishEventService [ServiceBehavior(Name = "PublishEventService", Namespace = "http://SoftnetSolutions.RelayService/", InstanceContextMode = InstanceContextMode.Single)] public partial class FormDrawShape : Form, IPublishEventService { } 2. Draw a shape according to the selected shape type. This is done by using a factory method design pattern in conjunction with a reflection class to dynamically load a drawing object into memory as shown in Listing 6-14. Bitmap drawing is done by implementing the drawPanel_Paint() method and associating the bitmap to the background image of the drawing panel as shown in Listing 6-15.
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