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//select orientation Matrix worldMatrix = Matrix.CreateTranslation(-modelSphere.Center)*rotTop; //draw model myModel.CopyAbsoluteBoneTransformsTo(modelTransforms); foreach (ModelMesh mesh in myModel.Meshes) { foreach (Effect currentEffect in mesh.Effects) { currentEffect.CurrentTechnique = currentEffect.Techniques["DepthMap"]; currentEffect.Parameters["worldMatrix"]. SetValue(modelTransforms[mesh.ParentBone.Index]*worldMatrix); currentEffect.Parameters["viewMatrix"].SetValue(viewMatrix); currentEffect.Parameters["projectionMatrix"].SetValue(projectionMatrix); } mesh.Draw(); } }
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We can see that as we added significant digits to X, the amount of storage required took increasingly more room. Every two significant digits added another byte of storage. But a number just one larger consistently took 2 bytes. When Oracle stores a number, it does so by storing as little as it can to represent that number. It does this by storing the significant digits, an exponent used to place the decimal place, and information regarding the sign of the number (positive or negative). So, the more significant digits a number contains, the more storage it consumes. That last fact explains why it is useful to know that numbers are stored in varying width fields. When attempting to size a table (e.g., to figure out how much storage 1,000,000 rows would need in a table), you have to consider the NUMBER fields carefully. Will your numbers take 2 bytes or 20 bytes What is the average size This makes accurately sizing a table without representative test data very hard. You can get the worst-case size and the best-case size, but the real size will likely be some value in between.
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Add the following attribute to this tag to reference the style you created in App.xaml: Style="{StaticResource MyStyle}"
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Figure 3-3. Types specify data members and function members.
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Remote Data Portal (with Enterprise Services)
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The following code shows an example of using a timer. The Main method creates the timer so that it will call the callback for the first time after two seconds, and once every second after that. The callback method simply prints out a message, including the number of times it has been called. using System; using System.Threading; namespace Timers { class Program { int TimesCalled = 0; void Display (object state) { Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}",(string)state, ++TimesCalled); } static void Main( ) { Program p = new Program();
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SMON is the process that gets to do all of the system-level jobs. Whereas PMON was interested in individual processes, SMON takes a system-level perspective of things and is a sort of garbage collector for the database. Some of the jobs it does include the following: Cleans up temporary space: With the advent of true temporary tablespaces, the chore of cleaning up temporary space has lessened, but it has not gone away. For example, when building an index, the extents allocated for the index during the creation are marked as TEMPORARY. If the CREATE INDEX session is aborted for some reason, SMON is responsible for cleaning them up. Other operations create temporary extents that SMON would be responsible for as well. Coalesces free space: If you are using dictionary-managed tablespaces, SMON is responsible for taking extents that are free in a tablespace and contiguous with respect to each other and coalescing them into one larger free extent. This occurs only on dictionary-managed tablespaces with a default storage clause that has pctincrease set to a nonzero value. Recovers transactions active against unavailable files: This is similar to its role during database startup. Here, SMON recovers failed transactions that were skipped during instance/crash recovery due to a file(s) not being available to recover. For example, the file may have been on a disk that was unavailable or not mounted. When the file does become available, SMON will recover it.
Control Tree Essentials
session 154: DID 0001-0019-00000E6E session 155: DID 0001-0028-00000032
With extended weak references in the .NET Micro Framework, you can store objects of serializable types compactly and permanently in the flash memory, so that the data is available after a power cycle of your device. In order to use this feature, your device must support permanent storage in the flash memory. For execution on an emulator, you need to first create the stand-alone sample emulator project, EWRSampleEmulator, provided with the .NET Micro Framework SDK. When the emulator is compiled, it is registered automatically, and after that, you can select it in the project properties of a .NET Micro Framework application, as Emulator on the Micro Framework tab page (see Figure 9-1). This emulator stores the contents of its flash memory into a file on termination and loads that file on startup.
This is trivial text.
The StockTrader.asmx Web service authenticates users through a custom username token manager, but no further security checks are performed after the user is successfully identified. You will now configure this Web service to validate whether the user is authorized to access the services provided by the StockTrader service. The simplest way to do this is through a policy file, as shown in the following steps: 1. In the wse3policyCache.config file, add the following elements under the <policy> section: <authorization> <allow user="admin" /> <deny user="*" /> </authorization> 2. In the same file, under the <extensions> section, add the following line: <extension name="authorization" type="Microsoft.Web.Services3.Design.AuthorizationAssertion, Microsoft.Web.Services3, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35" /> The <authorization> tag allows you to grant or deny access to the service based on the user s name or role. You can test this by modifying the code in the console application to use a different username, such as guest. If you run the application, it will throw an exception that displays the message Microsoft.Web.Services3.Security.SecurityFault: User guest is not authorized to access the service.
<operation name="RequestQuote"> <input message="tns:RequestQuoteSoapIn" /> <output message="tns:RequestQuoteSoapOut" /> <fault message="tns:ExceptionMessage" /> </operation>
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