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Now it s time to get our hands dirty. All of the introductory material is out of the way and
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Having gone through all that, let s take a look at the code that will implement these behaviors. The DeleteChild() and UnDeleteChild() methods deal with marking the child objects as deleted and moving them between the active items in the collection and the DeletedList object: private void DeleteChild(C child) { // mark the object as deleted child.DeleteChild(); // and add it to the deleted collection for storage DeletedList.Add(child); } private void UnDeleteChild(C child) { // we are inserting an _existing_ object so // we need to preserve the object's editleveladded value // because it will be changed by the normal add process int saveLevel = child.EditLevelAdded; Add(child); child.EditLevelAdded = saveLevel; // since the object is no longer deleted, remove it from // the deleted collection DeletedList.Remove(child); } On the surface, this doesn t seem too complicated but look at the code that deals with the child s EditLevelAdded property in the UnDeleteChild() method. Recall the InsertItem() method implemented earlier. That method assumes that any child being added to the collection is a new object, and therefore sets its edit level value to collection s current value. However, the InsertItem() method will be run when this preexisting object is reinserted into the collection, altering its edit level. That would leave the child object with an incorrect edit level value. The problem is that in this case, the child object isn t a new object; it is a preexisting object that is just being restored to the collection. To solve this, the object s edit level value is stored in a temporary field, the child object is re-added to the collection, and then the child object s edit level value is reset to the original value, effectively leaving it unchanged.
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I could have avoided the exception in Listing 14-1 by checking whether the local variable was null. Although such checks are good practice, they are rarely applied consistently throughout a program, and not all exceptions are as easily avoided. There comes a point where you need to know how to deal with exceptions when they arise, and you do this using a try statement. Listing 14-2 demonstrates a simple use of a try statement. Listing 14-2. A Simple try Statement try { // try to so something with the local variable Console.WriteLine("First letter: {0}", myLocalVar[0]); } catch (NullReferenceException ex) { Console.WriteLine("Exception: {0}", ex.Message); } There are six parts to a basic try statement: the try keyword, the code statements, the catch keyword, the exception type, the exception identifier, and the handler statements. These six parts are illustrated in Figure 14-1.
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---Group Key - FirstChar: p, LengthGt5: True Item: persimmon Item: pineapple ---Group Key - FirstChar: l, LengthGt5: False Item: lemon Item: lime Press enter to finish You can see from the results that there are three groups in the results. Only groups that contain items are included in results. The fourth group that might exist in the results is omitted because there are no items that meet the group criteria (names that begin with l and have more than five characters).
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6. The child object is returned. Again, the factory method is called by the collection object rather than the UI, but the rest of the process is the same as with a root object. 7. From the child object s perspective, two methods are called, as follows: The default constructor DataPortal_Create() This is illustrated in Figure 7-3.
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Mobile Objects
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Letting the Compiler Infer Types
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simplified; for more details about assemblies, application domains, and applications, see 6.) The managed executables are referred to as modules. You can create single-module assemblies and multimodule assemblies. As illustrated in Figure 1-1, each assembly contains one prime module, which carries the assembly identity information in its metadata.
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Figure 36-11. Viewing a key with the Registry Editor
process that holds the latch already. On a single-CPU server, sleeping is the only option when another process holds a needed latch.
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